Another funny LV FAKE story

  1. OK so I was at the mall yesterday and there was a lady (25-30 age range) and she was carrying a Speedy that I could totally tell was fake. So when she walked by me I said "Oh, wow! I totally love your bag! Is that the Speedy 35 or the 40?" and she said "Umm actually it is the 50". It took everything I had not to start laughing!!! :lol:
  2. lol, that is so funny!
  3. whut size was it??
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I could see how that would be hard to hold in ...

  5. Omg...:lol: I bet she was so embarassed.
  6. Maybe she meant she spent $50 !! :smile:
  7. Too funny!!!!
  8. lol!! :lol:
  9. That's one of the funniest comebacks I've ever heard! LOL!

    I was exiting the washroom at work the other day with my Speedy 25 and a lady walked in with a fake Ellipse PM. I couldn't resist, I looked at her bag and her and said, "Nice bag!" She just glared at me and walked past. And I even said it in a nice tone of voice...
  10. Ya'll are so funny!
  11. LOL Kill em with kindness! Irish gal--that is exactly what I was thinking!! I can feel the devil horns growing out of my scalp!! :smile:

    PS cool car under your screen name...what year is it? Its gorgeous!

    Addictedtolv-- LOL she had to do the 'walk of shame'!!

    I see soooo many fake LVs b/c I work at a makeup company (only one day a week since I am a full time college student, but I usually work Saturdays and that is the busiest day) and it always cracks me up...however, the company I work for is located one door down from the actual LV store so I see alot of real ones, too...its torture b/c Gucci is located right across from the store I work in!! Its like an alchoholic working next to a liquor store and across from a bar!!!:smile:
  12. Sophia-- it looked like it was comprable (size wise) to a real Speedy 30.
  13. OMG! How can you resist NOT going in LV during lunch hours every day? That would kill me - I would never be thinking about work, just LV! :nuts:
  14. LOL. At least she had an aswer. BF was talking to a girl he knew in college and saw her bag and was like, "My GF has the 35 and 40. Nice bag. Very durable." and she blinked saying, "What do you mean 35 and 40? What is that?" BF said it looked almost like the real thing except that it had feet.
  15. that's one funny story.