another funny looking b-bag on ebay...chain strap

  1. Yeah... I'm definitely not a fan. The color is very pretty though.
  2. beautiful leather...don't like the chain strap
  3. yea, the chain strap stands out in an odd way, i think it's too gold or something.
  4. ^^^ LOL. It's definitely bling bling! Overwhelms the small size of the bag. I wonder how it looks in rl or whether the flash is making it look even flashier.
  5. haha....definitely BLING! Maybe somebody can make the bag over, like cut off the chains, replace with extra tassels from somewhere, and make it a nicer looking bag. the body of the bag is definitley nice.
  6. yes it's real. I really love the chain straps! there's a version of it in blue with blue chains and it's sort of cute. balenciaga also makes this other smaller pouch (I've been seeing it in red on ebay) that's uber cute. you ladies don't dig the chains? :smile:
  7. it's just that the chains are kind of blingy...when I think of balanciaga I think of brushed, antiqued's more chanel or marc jacobs...but for the right person it could be great! even if someone wanted to get the hardware antiqued in some way (don't know if it's possible) it could be really really cool....but maybe it looks cool in person...great price! and the leather is soooo nice
  8. yea, if it's just a tad less shiny, then it's probably cute! guess i'm used to the more matte, toned-down brass
  9. there were a few of these @ Barneys outlet in waikele about 6 months ago for $189 i didnt think much of them... small and chunky, but maybe they would be cuter in this pink than the black i saw ;)
  10. Bling Bling! LOL! :lol: ITA!!!