another funny fucci bag on e-bay

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  1. OMG - Aaallabama - what is that?!?!? There should be a auditor on Ebay to catch those listings, that is criminal!

    you rock!
  2. i know, i know, it's crazy-looking, right?!'d think they'd at least take the cellophane wrappers off the handles :wacko:
  3. Or do a better job at making it look real - my goodness, that's just hilarious.

    I have bid on items on Ebay where the listings were taken down because one of the bidders contacted the actual company and the seller could not produce anything to authenticate the bag, so the listing got taken down.

    Anyone who has a clue about buying an authentic Gucci will know that bag is a fake just by looking at it. What's scary though, is someone may love that bag and buy it thinking they got a great deal on the real thing.