Another from the new floorset??

  1. it's very cute. macy's has it, along with the shoulder zip.

    this one is authentic. doesn't have the funny part on top like the other one does. i think she might work for macy's? because in US they have it.

    or she could've gotten it as a gift.
  2. probably as a gift. it wont be available to get at macys because its limited edition. meaning that only New York, Las Vegas and Hawaii has these limited bags.
  3. There is no difference between this bag and the other one - the tote! This bag has cutoff C's everywhere. Did you look at the close-up photos? If you did, you'd see that the front pocket on this bag looks a little crooked, too. ms-whitney, in the other thread you said, "that scarf is not non existant" and "the c's are a bit off and that thing hanging off of the creed is too wierd and blurred." This bag has the same scarf, the same limited edition tag below the creed and cutoff C's.
  4. Very cute! Love it.
  5. I've never seen this bag but it seems weird that it's not ALL lined in the striped print, the signature is cut and sewn in odd ways and the leather doesn't match which I haven't seen at all in this collection. It just seems off to me, also why is there that small patch under the Coach story?
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  8. I love the Boston Bag (bottom left) & The Ali Signature.
  9. PS - click the photos to enlarge
  10. OK, I meant to post these on the other thread!
  11. i meant the TOTE, the other one in the authentic bag section that another PFr claimed as real, even though on top it looks like it has polka dots instead of parts of C's cut off, like this one does, which i said is real, so up close pictures of this one is not necessary

    i said the scarf is non existant in COACH stores, but that's due to my current knowledge not including the las vegas and new york which has the best of the best e.g. pyton bags and the "test" products that yes, MACY's sometimes gets.

    this is more answering the other girl's comment but there was a lady here who brought an exclusive bag that only a FEW test stores in america has BUT you can see that at macy's, or at least the macy's in SF's union square one.

    and they ALSO have this bag, which is why i know the scarf is real, but it comes only with the bag, which is not in coach stores now (except maybe test or the new york/vegas stores).

    ugh. i'm getting myself all confused.

    you can check out the other tote, look at the top of the pocket and see what pattern THAT is because it's not cut off C's, like this bag.

  12. it's apparently an internation model that japan has

    which also can be special ordered through coach (this i'd have to check myself)

    and maybe in the new york and vegas store, the one that gets everything? and a few rare bags?

    and it's at macy's. i can take the picture if it'll make you all feel better! those and the hobo that was posted by another PFr earlier.
  13. I'm totally checking at work today, it just seems weird to me! haha
  14. tell me about it

    worst part is that macys have it

    they have that and the carly bag (you can look that up on TOT)


    i'm just grateful we have new bags soon, hopefully macys won't have them.

    and they have the embossed leather C's in the medium carryall when we only can get it in the book tote! =P