Another friday at the outlet

  1. I stopped in today to see what was what. Not much change in the past 2 weeks. Still some suede legacy satchels, alis, and couriers. There was a large camel Carly there for some reason. 469 plus 20% off. Two suede beaded totes from last year. The blue suede was so pretty but I have trouble keeping light suede looking good.
  2. I never see any suede legacy satchels or alis. You saw everything I would love to see at the outlet. No BUYS....well, i'm sure you felt good just going:graucho:
  3. Its my "happy" place. I did love the blue beaded suede but its just not practical for me. But its a great looking tote.
  4. how much are the suede legacy pieces going for?
  5. They were in the 3 and 4 hundreds plus 20% off.
  6. I believe I posted them somewhere - prob the outlet thread.
  7. Saw one last week for $449 + 20% off.