Another foster on the way

  1. Let's hope that this one doesn't stay!:yes:

    2 of our five are "fosters" who never left, this little boy has been in the petshop for six months so I know that he doesn't have a clue about where he is supposed to poop & pee.:yucky:

    But the good news is that he was purchased from the pet shop for less than they paid for him. If they can't make any money on a breed, they won't order any more:yahoo:
  2. I didn't know you are a foster home for dogs--God bless you! What breed is he? Don't get me started on pet shops that sell puppies and kittens. They keep the puppy mills going and they are horrendous.

    Good luck with your new one. I hope he is adopted by a great person.
  3. Good for you! Lots of hugs, kisses and good luck with your "foster". I actually hope you do end up keeping the little guy. I know you'll make a good mommy and give him a good home. What breed is he?:heart:
  4. That's such a wonderful thing to do, to foster these defenceless little animals! Hope you find a great home for this puppy.
  5. oooh yes, you'll have to give us much more information about the little guy!
  6. swiffer.jpg
  7. Oh my gosh! He's like a living teddy bear!! So adorable!
  8. What a cutie pie! You are a very special person. I hope all your kindness comes back to you tenfold.
  9. OMG you have a Coton that didn't find a home??? <signing off immediately before I adopt him myself!>
  10. Thanks :blush: Here is a friend of ours with four of our five little fuzzy monkeys.
  11. Yes, a lot more cotons are coming into rescue now that they are in the mills:cursing:
  12. Lucky doggies.. :smile: Good job.
  13. They are beautiful! We looked into Cotons when we were doing research on breeds and there were none to be found anywhere near us. I am sad to hear that they are in puppy mills now. We have a Bichon and a Shih Tzu, and we have fostered dogs in the past and it is SO hard to let them go when they find new homes! Where are you located?
  14. Oh my goodness--another foster mom with five dogs!!! :nuts:

    We have adopted only one foster so far, but our total is also five!

    It's great to hear that you are caring for dogs in need--YAY! They are SO CUTE!!!
  15. You are so wonderful to foster animals! When I'm able to, I'd love to do that, even though I'm afraid that I won't be able to say goodbye! Those dogs are so cute! I don't think I've ever seen them before! Hope you are able to find a good home for your newest foster!