another flat brass hobo on ebay!!!

  1. get it!! such a great color and style!
  2. if you've been lusting after one, you should get it Amour :yes:
  3. Oh my gosh, Amour! It looks fantastic...Is that your bid on it right now? Good luck!
  4. no more BIN. who bid?
  5. holy crap!! I was about to BIN - and poof!!! no more BIN!!!

    that's not my bid...:oh:
  6. oh noooooooooooooooooooooo, i wonder who it is :Push:
  7. i never understand why people don't BIN? no offense to the person who put in the bid ....
  8. i don't get it either, not if you really want the bag...the price is only gonna go up from there :hrmm:
  9. How much was the BIN for?
  10. i don't think it was for much more than the starting bid, was it?
  11. i think $1275 or so but i could be wrong.
  12. yeah, that's probably about right, i was thinking $200 more...
  13. the BIN was $1245, gosh
  14. It's me. :shame: I've been looking for this bag for a loooooong time.