Another First or A City?

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  1. can you guys please help me out. i recently bought a first and i really love it, im thinking of purchasing another in the electric blue but on second thought, i should get a city(its growing on me). im 5" and think that the city would be big for my size. the amount of stuff i carry with me varies from time to time though.

    any opinions or suggestions?

    would be of great help from you all.
  2. I think you should go for a City!! I honestly don't think that the City would be too big on you at all!! I'm 5'5 1/2" and I love the City style, but actually tend to use it as more of a going out bag because I find it to be too small for everyday use. If you have become accustomed to using a first as an every day bag then the City could really be a great bag for you!!
  3. city for sure!! Since you have a first already, try the city.. it really is a great size!
  4. Since the amount of stuff you carry vary from time to time, it is good to have a variety of bags. City would be a good choice for your next bag!!!
  5. thanks so much coutureobessesed, miss_tina and pinkboudoir.
    now, if i do get the city im torn between the colours available. choices, choices!
  6. I think a City would be a great next bag. My friend is 4'10'' and the City looks great on her.
  7. That said, anyone care to post a pic of both first and city together. Trying to see the size difference.
  8. A city would probably look on you like a work does on me (I'm 5'6) and I love the work, so I'd go for the city! A bit of variety is also a good thing IMO.
  9. I'll go city, I love it..
  10. City!
  11. I vote for the City as well! I'm barely 5'2 and I love my city..I don't think it's too big at all! It fits everything I wanna carry around!
  12. Try a City, it's not as large as you think. I think with your height it will look very nice.
  13. go for a city!
  14. I love the City! I started out with a First, which is alittle too small (but I still love it), then moved up to a Twiggy which I thought was my favourite. But then I thought I should have a City in my collection and now the City is my favourite style! I love the style and the size is great ... I used to think it would be too big, but now having used one ... I don't think it's large at all ... it's just ... perfect! :smile:
  15. City - it's not all that big. I'm 5"5" and it's one of the smallest bags I own.