Another find that I'm just now getting around to Chocolate 05 City!

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  1. I'm in love with this bag! :heart: It looks so vintage.......I'm really loving the older Bbags.

  2. Oh me oh my!!! love love love love the brown!!!!!
  3. Gorgeous! I saw your post in the City ref thread and was just :drool:. 05 Choco's look so amazing when they're nice and broken in like that.
  4. Damn that is GORGEOUS.

    Aren't the 05's amazing? I'm hooked.

    The leather is so thick so when it slouches it looks beautiful. Thats rare too to find a chocolate city. That's actually the first one that I've seen.
  5. now that is one gorgeous city
  6. You are killing us with all these gorgeous babies.:nuts: Congrats :yahoo:again. Can't wait to see your modeling pics.:graucho:
  7. 2nd that! I want to see mod pics too!

    nanaz - you have mail :tup:
  8. I've always lusted after chocolate. If I don't find an 02 I might go for the 05, yours is gorgeous!
  9. She looks good enough to eat! Congrats on another beauty!
  10. I love the vintagy look to it - it's one of those aviator jacket leathers! LOVE IT!!!
  11. Cracker - OMG~~She's a beauty, the leather is TDF....congrats
  12. Congrats on the the "new" bbag!!! I love the richness of the color and the leather is TDF!!!
  13. Mmmmhhhhhhhh yummyyyyyyy :drool::nuts: ! GORGEOUS chocolate baby :P ! Thank you for sharing cracker :flowers::love:
  14. :drool::nuts:Congrats Cracker !!!! This chocolate is TDF !!!
  15. oh my god the leather seems scrumpscious!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!