Another Fed-Ex Delivery :-)

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  1. I never expected Fed-Ex to come twice!!

    Just a couple of small accessories from a couple of H stores


    jan1909reveal18.jpg jan1909reveal19.jpg
  2. Waaa-zaaaaa. It's like Christmas everyday! :yahoo:

  3. I'll do this as quick as I can...

    Silky Poms (full-size) in pinks and blues - Thanks boo for helping me locate them :heart:


    jan1909reveal20.jpg jan1909reveal21.jpg
  4. such pretty colors!
  5. Pikabooks (LeMonde's :heart:)


    jan1909reveal22.jpg jan1909reveal23.jpg
  6. I want one of these little bits of Hermes nonsense. They're so cute. Enjoy them. I'm sure they'll make you smile each time you pick up your book.
  7. ...and a couple more keychains for my collection :heart:


    jan1909reveal24.jpg jan1909reveal25.jpg
  8. I think I want to live at your house, just so I can watch all the fun things come off of the FEDEX truck!

    Pretty stuff!
  9. LOL lily! :heart: My husband is going to think I am nuts when he sees these :P
  10. Ahhh what lovely goodies, I like shopping vicariously with Rana!
  11. OOOOOOH they are sooo adorable :smile: congratulations !!!!
  12. No, I doubt it, R. He sounds like he'd indulge you with whatever your heart desires. Heck, he might like one too - find him a nice manly looking one!
  13. I totally agree! It's amazing because Rana takes really high-quality photographs, and you get to see what boutiques are offering these days even if it's not possible for you to schlep your way to one :tup:
  14. How many Hermes deliveries you get daily?
  15. Can I be your closet guardian?