Another Fall Bag for Blondecat..... A WILDCAT!

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  1. Neiman Marcus Just Posted the WILDCAT:nuts:

    Tan/brown leopard print hair calf.
    • Brown leather trim.
    • Gold-tone hardware.
    • Shoulder strap with rings; slouched top.
    • Strapped base.
    • Made in Italy.
    Jimmy Choo
    Leopard-Print Hobo
    Price: $2,425.00


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  2. A Few other bags.... Compliments of my Awesome SA Casey;)

    In Casey's words:
    "The Ayse bag, in particular, is going to be my pick for the season. It’s hard to tell from the photograph but when you pick it up by its handle the bag slouches in the most delicious, decadent way – and it’s big enough to hold a laptop and flat enough to throw in a suitcase. It is destined to be a new classic and was named for our former Vice President of Retail. Love love love it!"

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  3. This is very nice! Robynbenz, thanks for sharing. =)
  4. Thanks for sharing, love the first one!!
  5. Thanks for sharing. They look great. Uh-ph, enabler....just kidding. How sweet of your SA to send pics.
  6. Love the Ayse - what is the retail on that?
  7. I love the Ayse too!
  8. I'm not sure, I can contact Casey or if you are interested in the price right away, giver her a call and she will be happy to assist (312)255-1170
  9. More info from Casey @ JC Chicago - on the new bags posted above:

    Miss Robyn,
    The Ayse bag retails at $1775. Currently we have in black soft calf, but I’m told it will be coming in some exotic skins like python, eel, and beaver fur. There will also be a similar style in suede called Alex that is the same shape but with two shorter handles in addition to the shoulder strap.

    And finally, the best news of all: there will indeed be cosmetic bags for fall, and they will be in the same patent as your bag. Can you stand it? Two sizes, even! And wallets, too! So much goodness I can’t take it! Will call the moment they come in . . .
  10. I really ought to look around here more often! WILDCAT! Great name, but the purse is a litle wilder than I am.:nuts: BUT... GREAT news about cosmetic cases and new wallets! Wouldn't it be a great idea for Choo to start making cell phone cases to match their bags?:yes:
  11. Gorgeous bags!
    Thanks for sharing.
  12. So this bag is the Rana :heart::heart::heart:? It looks like it's smaller than the Riki and Ramona. Is it patent and does anyone know what colors it is coming in?

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  13. I am pretty sure it is going to be red patent leather (I posted the red one in an earlier thread for Fall Preview - SFA I think) and I would imagine it will come in some of their other wonderful colors. I think the Fall book comes out at then end of the month!:yahoo:
  14. It's coming out in RED :nuts:, OMG, I just love the size and shape of this bag. I'm going to call my SA and ask him to put my name down for this bag so that when one comes in, he'll call me :yes:.

    I also want to get my name down for one of the new clutches as well. Jimmy Choo is really upping the HOT factor on their bags :drool: :yahoo:.
  15. ^^ I Agree the red is HOT!! I cant wait to order the patent red Ramona!!