Another Faker Using my Pics!!

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  1. Only this time -- they cut the pics waayyyyy down so that it's not obvious -- I know it, however, since I'm the one who took the pic (and if you right clicl, they're my gile names!)

    these are pics of my BABY STAM!!

    Please report this listing --

    In the meantime, I'm going to go and rename my pics -- but then I'll have to repost them in the Reference thread -- ARGH!!!
  2. :cursing::mad::cursing::mad::cursing:

    apparently, they had resaved them in THEIR photobucket a/c, so even tho they still have MY file name -- changing them in my album won't affect their pics!!! I've reported to ebay (counterfeit listing) -- I'm going to see if I can report to photobucket (but I doubt it!)
  3. UGH! I am so sorry. I reported it!
  4. I reported it using a special link that ebay gave me (they asked me to be part of a group that reports fake handbags -- my reports are SUPPOSED to get pulled right away, but it doesn't always happen!) -- I let them know that not only is this bag fake, but they stole pics from my ebay Me page -- hopefully it's pulled soon!

    ETA: oh yea -- I forgot, I didn't update you guys -- they didn't steal the pics from TPF or photobucket -- they stole them from my ebay ME page (Luv my Marc) where I provide info on the authentication of MJ bags! That's why they're cut down so much -- to cut out the info I include with them!
  5. Ugh that is soo irritating and creepy. I have the person who bought a bag & wallet from me using my pics and text verbatim from the auction she won from me!
  6. Ugh, that's terrible! I reported her listing on eBay for you, but it looks like it hasn't been pulled yet. Have you emailed her??? Some ppl have no idea that taking photos is NOT cool.
  7. Me? if yes thanks! I have a bad feeling about her because even though I sent her a thank you email, another email with the tracking info(shipped the bag the morning after she paid for it) and checked in to make sure she received it(knew she had signature tracking) I haven't had any contact back and she hasn't left me feedback. No news is good news but I made sure I handled everything quickly, packaged the bag nicely and thanked her, so wheres my positive feedback? You're right though I will let her know she's not supposed to use my auction text and images.
  8. That's terrible! :cursing: I see it's still there so I reported it, too.
  9. I can't believe this is happening to you again...its so AWEFULL!!! What is wrong with people:cursing::cursing::rant::censor: Why are people so dishonest:sad:
  10. Looks like it's been pulled now...thank goodness! I can't believe that seller did that!!!:cursing:
  11. thats twice this week! that is so tacky!
  12. I'm glad ebay pulled it -- I did contact the seller and warned them that I reported the listing for not only selling a fake MJ bag but for also stealing my pics (which are on my ebay Me Page) -- I told them that I wanted the pics removed immediately and that they should probably end the listing before ebay pulled it -- oh well, looks like ebay beat them to it!

    Right before I found this listing, I found this other one for a God awful fake Hudson bag -- it has PINK SUEDE LINING and a BRASS NAMEPLATE!!
    I also emailed this seller & told them that not only does their bag have the wrong lining, it's completely missing the "stripes" that makes it part of the Striping Line!! I told them that I've reported it and advised them to pull it before ebay does -- I see they (ebay) haven't pulled it yet -- report it!
    (oh yea - it's missing the padlock on the front, which according to the seller is "removable" - LOL!!!)
  13. Iluv, I am sorry that this keeps happening to you..:Push:
  14. AWW MAN, Not AGAIN!? Well at least this auction got pulled super quick. I think that's cool that you're part of a special group. Are there special requirements that you are only able to report under? Please help get that almost-superfake mouse stam pulled! the last time it was listed it sold for over $700. If you use photobucket, you can make all of your albums private but the images will still show up wherever you link them. That's what I do. Good luck keeping your images your own :s Damn these shady sellers!! :cursing:
  15. A while ago, ebay contacted me about becoming a member of their Handbag Authentication Group, which consists of various ebay users with knowledge of designer handbags -- I guess they chose us from our ebay Pages and posts we made on their Discussion Boards (I used to be VERY active on those boards, until I found TPF!). They tried to get together as many users as possible with "expertise" of different designers who are frequently faked. I know there's a couple of LV "experts, Chloe, Kooba, Coach, Gucci, D&B, Prada. Members of the group would post listings which we either knew or had strong suspicions of being fake or sellers who were repeat offenders. Ebay would use those posts to have the listings removed & sellers a/c's closed or suspended.

    Not long ago, I was contacted about a new "program" in which we could report listings directly to ebay and they would get immediate attention and removal. When we're logged into our a/c and report a listing, we're directed to a special link that general members/users don't have access to. These reports [are supposed to] get immediate attention and are [hopefully] removed soon after. It's really a lot better -- we can provide specific details to support the reasons an item is fake. So when I reported the first listing (for the fake taupe stam using my pics) I was able to explain how I knew it was fake and that they were using pics from my Me page. You'll be happy to know, I did the same thing with the Black "Hudson" and the Mouse stam - and Voila! - they're both gone!:yahoo: When I reported the Mouse stam, I provided them with the item # of the authentic one that ended not long ago for comparison, so they would know why I was certain it was fake (let's face it -- that was a "good" fake!).

    It seems to be working well -- most listings I've reported using this link have been removed within a couple of hours.