Another fake Kooba from ebay??? please help with some questions

  1. I know I wasn't very smart about buying a Kooba from eBay but I thought I was being more careful in buying a used one. The seller’s story is something like this "me and a bunch of my friends went to the sample sale in New York and went crazy over the great prices and bought more than we need. We will be selling a few of them over the next couple of weeks. They have been worn 6-8 times and are in great condition. Starting bid was $100 and Buy it now price was $275 (for suede ginger chestnut). Her feedback had a few other of these gently used kooba bags sold in the last couple of weeks and all of the feedback was excellent and she only had one other listed. Her past sales showed one sold at the buy it now price…a couple bid up into the $175-$250. I know these bags sold at the sample sale for $225 so I didn’t think the past sales were unreasonable for a used bag and up until now I've never heard of a scammer selling used bags.

    The bag came quick and seems to have all of the right parts in the right places but I’m pretty sure it is fake. I have almost zero experience with nice handbags. The only thing I have to compare to it is a suede Pliner. For starters the suede on the pliner seems much nicer but it is also thinner and I’m sure that gives it a more “buttery feel” and I’m not sure if the kooba isn’t just supposed to be a thicker suede. More importantly, the couple of things I find wrong with it are 1. plastic on the handles and the drawstring braid??? Huh? This should never be on a genuine right? Also, how can it be used with this on? 2. No star stamped in the lining and I’ve heard all sample sales use a stamp like this….but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place or this is a new practice. 3. the brown Kooba tag (was in the pocket of the bag not attached) has a white string and it should be brown correct? Oh also, the tag says retail price $625 and shouldn't it be $575 or something like that?

    So before I confront her on this bag I just want to verify I am correct in these assumptions and that genuine kooba bags never have plastic on the handles (or anywhere but the name plate), there should be a sample sale stamp since this is where she is claiming she bought it and also, the string on the tag is always brown. I paid paypal and she claims refund if you are not happy so I’m not yet worried about getting my money back. Thanks for your help!
  2. Please email or post the item number
  3. Item number: 110089165440 and there are a bunch more positive feedbacks since I last looked....way to many to give credit to her story that her and her friends bought them at a sample sale.

  4. I'm not great at authenticating Kooba.... I only have the Sienna. Maybe you could post close up pics of the bag that she sent to you. If you think that it's a fake, then just get your money back. You'll only be out the shipping. :sad:

    The pictures that she has posted on eBay aren't really enough to go on.
  5. Last june/july there was a kooba sample sale in NYC and I bought one there and they did NOT stamp my bag on the inside. And there was plastic around the shoulder strap (i bought the taylor) The prices were unbelievable ($120-$175) for the siennas, chiara, nisha and many others and I did see a lot of girls buying 5-6 bags at a time and frantically on the phone calling friends. It was a bit weird but there was another sample sale in the fall and it was a lot tamer.

    During the fall sample sale they starting stamping the inside of the bags which was a turn off.
  6. thank you octnybride! That is very good to know! I am trying to get some pictures right now but my camera takes lousy closeups indoors so I might have to pull out my photo lights. Something I just noticed as I was trying to get picts was that my hands seemed grimmy after handling the bag even though I had washed them before so I gently rubbed a white cotton cloth on the suede and the brown transferred heavily on the white cloth!!! This can't be right?
  7. I've been looking through alot of her past sales and one thing in common for all of them is terrible quality photos. Also, she uses the same photos over and over again for each handbag listed. I have 4 Koobas, not alot considering some of the other gals have many times that, and it is difficult for me to tell from the photos. The zipper pull on the inside pocket is supposed to be thicker on the end compared to where it is attached to the zipper. In each of her photos she has the zipper in a position so it is impossible to see if that is correct...whether by accident or purpose? Having never been to a sample sale, I can't help you there. But yes, the string attaching the tag is supposed to be least mine where. Hopefully, some of the more knowledgeable gals can help you out. If in doubt, get a refund, watch for sales and buy from a reputable company. I know, eBay is a great place to get some good deals and you can, but handbags..I would be afraid to try. Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. okay, I finally got some photos. Lets see if I can get this to work.
    The rest can be found at this photo album. As you can see the zipper pull is correct and so is all the other hardware as far as I know. But the tassles look terrible, the grommets are tarnished on the interior, the dye transfers easily, and there are so many rough edges that I can't believe this is a $500+ bag. Thanks for helping me out with this. I'm going to wait and see what some of you think but I'm pretty sure I'm contacting her to send it back :crybaby:

    kooba - a photoset on Flickr
  9. I'm about to email the seller about this bag and I was just hoping to get some feedback based on the pictures. Are you able to view the flikr photoset okay? That is the first time I've tried to link to a photo album. Thanks!
  10. I would be very careful
    Seller only has 33 feedbacks .
    Seller has only been selling on ebay since dec.

    See the thread "ebay tips" in the ebay section.

    I would look elsewhere.
  11. Your photos are definitely viewable and you did a great job. I have four Kooba bags but none of them are suede. And far from being an expert, I'm not sure what to tell you on the authenticity so I'm hopeful that someone else can help you out. Wishing you luck.
  12. This is all suspicious to me. I just looked at and the suede Ginger retailed for 575 and the regular Gingers for 625 so her tag is wrong. The string is wrong. And although I never bought a Ginger that plastic all around the drawstring braid is weird. Also, the pics in the auction do not have plastic on them so you did not get the bag that was featured on the auction.
    I know alot of fake bags were sold after that sample sale all saying they were bought there. Here is the bag...
    Ginger (Suede) - Kooba Official Store

    And her lack of feedback alone would turn me off of purchasing a higher priced handbag. She now has 4 bags up including a Fendi. I am not saying this bag is real or not, but there is alot of things that mark it as questionable.
  13. Lexie2000...I knew that you would come to the rescue with your vast knowledge of your favorite handbags!
  14. My suspicions are the same. The tag string is wrong, the plastic on the handles and it certainly not being the bag in the auction are suspicious and just the overall feel of the bag. I'm even suspicious at this point that its is actually leather since I have a pair of suede boots, a suede coach hat and a suede pliner bag that all have a very distinct suede smell and while the kooba does have a "leather" smell to it it is different...almost sweet as if it were a leather fragrance.
    I spent the day on the Kooba site yesterday looking at the bag and I can't believe I never notices the little grommets on the side pockets are completely different. Mine are a perfect half dome and the real one has flattened domes. So I feel confident I got scammed now.
    That is a pretty good scam since the fact that she was advertising it as used made me feel more safe about the low selling price. I would have never bid on a bag that was selling this low if it was advertised as new.
    You are all the best!!! Thanks again!!!
  15. Good luck Yatri and I hope she refunds your money. It's despicable that people go to all these extremes to lie and deceive...and ultimately steal your money. Plus there are all the people who have these "Fake" Koobas who think they are real. They will probably never purchase a real one to know just how nice they really are. Shame on that seller.
    Come back here and let us help gear you towards an authentic Kooba when you are ready to buy one. There is that one on on sale.