Another FAKE Carly on Ebay NOW.......

  1. that is so so fake!!!! sad
  2. I reported it. Has anyone emailed the bidder?
  3. I usually go through eBay at least once a week just to weed out the fake carlys. Because they are so easy to spot! But I havn't see too many on there lately!
  4. I know a powerseller on eBay that consistantly sells FAKE Coach Carlys usually the Red and Brown Medium Signature Fakes (seller ID=xxradiationxx) also see the fake Wallets. I have reported numerous times over the past 4 months but eBay lets the seller sell FAKES. :confused1:
  5. AHHH!!! Those are all so bad! How can people bid on these? I fell so sorry for the bidders.
  6. Phew! Noone ended up bidding on it. Thank goodness! Now I can sleep okay tonight.
  7. OMG what is the world coming to? :crybaby: