Another (even more modest) reveal.....

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  1. Hi everyone

    I've eventually photographed my latest little acquisitions - only modest, but born out of necessity (well, one was!)

    I was quite restrained at SM on Saturday afternoon - kept walking around & around (had a few moments trying on the putty Bays clutch, whilst the lovely SA was trying on the coral one!), but only bought the following.....



    I actually bought 2 of the keyrings - one's for a friend's Birthday on the 13th - we don't normally 'do' Birthday pressies, but thought this was an exception.
  2. oooh more cuties :biggrin:
  3. Ohh lovely purchases Lady F! I really love those keyrings! Putty Bays Clutches in the outlets hey... :graucho:
  4. Gorgeous purchases Lady F !
    Could I please ask you about the canvas and leather blenheims you saw on Saturday - can you tell me any more about them ? Didn't want to post in the shopping forum in case Lescoy told me off !!
  5. Oh how lovely additions ! Congrats.

    Impressed that you resisted from buying a bag. Was there a lot there ?
  6. Yes - I've posted in the shopping thread, but there were 4:-
    1 x putty smudged leopard
    1 x coral " "
    1 x silver metallic
    1 x pale pink (lipstick?)

    Also, small Bays clutch in RN metallic

    I have to say, I adored the putty one - espec the lining!
  7. very nice congrats!
  8. Hi Limited Edition

    There were 2 - one with the 'mustard' coloured leather on a brown background, and one with dark red leather on a paler background.
    Think they were £141 each, but don't quote me
  9. Thank you ! I've seen one on ebay and it doesn't look great - the colours are quite strong and clash rather than compliment ( mustard and brown)
    what did you think of the red one ? was that a nicer match ?
  10. can you remember the price of the small RN Bays clutch?
    You did well to resist!
  11. LadyF, they are cutie! Lovely birthday present too! Well done resisting so many offers :woohoo: One day I shall visit SM!
  12. Congrats Lady F, at first I thought that belt was a sneaky peak of a bag you were going to reveal! Nice little accessories :biggrin:
  13. Lady F, such nice finds :smile:
  14. Oooh lovely Lady F - do you mind me asking how much the key ring was please ?

    Was it your first trip to SM ?
  15. Thanks everyone

    Ltdedition - I'd prefer the red/paler background combo, but it's really personal taste. Perhaps you could do any advanced search on ebay & look for ones which may have been listed in the past to give you an idea?

    Rachiem - really can't remember the prices much (sorry!)

    Slowhand - the keyring was a little bargain, only £14!! I've been to SM twice before (In laws live @25 miles from there, so not too bad a trip)