Another error on the binder sheets!!

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  1. As if the resort bag debacle wasn't enough....

    So, I went to the boutique over the weekend to buy the new leather flower key fobs, and due to the weather, I went to a smaller more local boutique rather than one of the gallery stores that had these in stock. Unfortunately, this store did not have any of the fobs I wanted to purchase, so my SA looked on her binder sheets to get the numbers to check stock and order. Fortunately, I realized that the description and item numbers didn't match the pictures, and she was not aware of this at all. They have the Lily and fuchsia Penelope fobs mixed up. I don't remember now whether they have both the water and cala Lily mixed up or just the cala lily fob with the fuchsia, but I wanted to alert everyone to CHECK THE WEBSITE and verify the numbers for all of the leather flower fobs before ordering at the boutique! Again, the website is correct, as are the JAX numbers, but the little binder book in the store is NOT for at least 2-3 of them (I didn't check more than that). So if your SA orders just based on the the book info, and doesn't confirm the numbers and description, you will get the wrong item!!

    You know, it would be really nice if someone would proofread the sheets before they are shipped off to the stores! Not only does it look bad, but it has to hurt Coach in terms of returns, and not to mention an inconveniene at the least to the rest of us! And despite that I've reported a number of times, some stores still even show the wrong pieced resort info! :tdown:
  2. I was wondering about that . When My SA showed those little binder sheets last week I have the cali lily and it was showing it was called the water lily I didnt think twice about? When I ordered mine I got the # off the website thank goodnes or you would wind up with the wrong LILY! Thanx for the info Baglady!
  3. ^^ It's also confused with the fuchsia, so I guess they are all 3 mixed up! I asked first about the fuchsia, and then realized that didn't match. So then we just got the numbers off the website, and she looked them up in JAX to confirm they were right.
  4. Sometimes the binders aren't even updated. I wanted to buy the Miranda stud earrings, cause they looked SO SUPER CUTE in person, so I asked how much they were with every intention of getting them. I have stupidly sensitive earlobes, so I know that if I get this (knowing it's pretty much made of scrap metal) I can only wear it for like...a lunch/dinner date or something then I have to change out of them. The girl flipped through the entire binder to look for the earrings and price but didn't find them so just told me they were probably the same price as the Miranda Mini-Enamel Signature Balls cause they looked somewhat similar. The latter pair were $98. I'm NOT paying $98 for a pair of earrings I can only wear for 1-2 hours a time, so I ended up buying the Miranda script ring only. So of course, when I got home, I checked the website and lo and behold, the studs were only $58 too. I probably would have bought them if I had known. So yeah, binder = totally unreliable. Sometimes I wonder why I have to do my own research on items.
  5. OK I just went to Freehold on Friday and ordered the daffodil one - she asked me to look at her paper and pick the one I wanted, and the ordered it from the number listed there. Will I be getting the incorrect one? :cursing:
  6. ^^ I don't know about the daffodil one because once I discovered it with the fuchsia and lilies, we just moved on to the website! I would just call and have her check her sheet vs the website number and then you will know. I just know it affects 3 of them.
  7. Thanks for the head's up. My mother and I are buying some of these for my two sisters' bdays. I'd hate to have to deal with returns and possibly not have them in time.