Another ELUXURY LV delivery question....

  1. Curious, has anyone ever had FedEx deliver a ELUXURY.COM order (over $500) via ground shipping without a signature? I hope so, what if I am not around and my LV purse arrives - then what? They have to come back the next day, ugh!!! What has been your experience?
  2. They will not leave the package if there is no one to sign for it. which is why you can have them deliver to work or to your mom or dads house. that way u know that somone will be there
  3. Actually it's up to the driver. If they feel that it is safe to leave the package, they will.
  4. I think you'll have to go to their FedEx facility and pick it up from there. That's what happened to me earlier, before they lowered the shipping cost.
  5. check the general handbag thread, i replied to your post over there.
  6. Thanks, I called and my LV BATIGNOLLES HORIZONTAL has already been processed and I guess picked up by FedEx....Ugh, I am going out of town and won't be around to sign after next Thursday - ugh, I hope it is a case by case situation and that they decide to leave my purse at the door (before I leave) othrewise I guess I will have to wait and pick it up from the facility...ugh, mabe they will surprise me and drop it off on Saturday! AH! HA! Wouldn't that be IDEAL!!

    Thanks for your input!
  7. put a note on the door that says something like:

    UPS: ok to leave package with neighbor at 124 Main Street
    Signature, print name, date

    Let your neighbor know, and hopefully you'll get the bag that day !
  8. No, FEDEX will leave you a's up to you whether or not you want your package delivered the next day. If not, you need to pick it up from their facility. Anyway, I hope you get your package would be a total disaster if you don't!
  9. Thanks everyone for your responses, much appreciated!!!
  10. I don't think there's a way. sorry.

    from the fed ex website:

    Can I leave instructions to have a FedEx Express package left without a signature, if I am the recipient?
    For your security, FedEx couriers will not leave packages without a signature unless you or the shipper have an agreement on file with FedEx. If you wish to establish a permanent signature release on file, you may submit a Signature Release Form, available at any FedEx shipping center near you.
    If you miss a normal package delivery, FedEx couriers will automatically reattempt delivery three times before returning your package to the shipper. On each delivery attempt, if you are not available to sign for the package, the courier will leave a Delivery Notice, usually on your front door. You have several options at this time, as follows:

    Sign the Delivery Notice on the space provided and leave it where the FedEx courier can find it. The courier will then leave your package on the next delivery attempt.
    Complete the signature release form on the back of the Delivery Notice, and either leave it where the courier can find it, or place it in a nearby FedEx Drop Box. You will then be signed up for permanent signature release.
    Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 to arrange to pick up your package at a convenient FedEx World Service Center near you.


    Some authorized shippers may ship packages with the "Signature Release" section of the airbill or shipping label checked off. In this case, packages will be delivered without the need for your signature whether or not you are available to sign for the package.
    Some shippers will not allow FedEx couriers to leave packages without a signature regardless of permanent signature release status.
    Packages with a declared value over $500 US$ are ineligible for signature release. In these cases, FedEx must receive a valid signature. This is also true for several service options, like COD (Collect On Delivery), Dangerous Goods, etc.
  11. Thanks for looking into that for me!!!!
  12. Yes, I think eluxury packages fall under the:

    Packages with a declared value over $500 US$ are ineligible for signature release. In these cases, FedEx must receive a valid signature. This is also true for several service options, like COD (Collect On Delivery), Dangerous Goods, etc.

    rule. sorry. not a problem...any chance to perfect my google skills!
  13. Hey, crabby member! You can get a tracking number so you can see exactly when your package will arrive. Well, not the time, but it will tell you the day. Call e-luxury and they will give you the tracking number and you can track on-line at the fedex website. Good luck!
  14. Yep, they have left mine.
  15. I think I should re-write this...
    I have to work, there's no way I could be at home when the package arrives. So they came three times, left me three notes, and then I can go there and pick it up.