Another Edith Question

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  1. It on sale in the UK at the moment in that colour
  2. Hmmm, good question! In their website, they don't even have new colour medium/regular sized Ediths in the all leather style, just the large ones.
  3. Just called Bergdorf in NY they said that today they marked down the large Edith bowler in green and brown to $999.
  4. yayy I saw a classic edith in maize today! I think ediths look so much more beautiful IRL then in pictures. I've never seen one IRL until today. I think I'm converting from an MJ girl to a chloe girl. The only thing I found annoying is that they raised the price from 1275 to 1310 all because they added a stupid leather shoulder strap that I will NEVER use. Others may find it useful though. Still gonna get it. I can't wait. I was almost gonna buy a butter yellow MJ but I fell totally in love. I can't waitt !!
  5. Accessible online or only in stores?
  6. That's a nice color!