another ebay success

  1. the fedex man came early...thank goodness i stayed home to wait for the package instead of dropping off my car at the autobody, thinking i'd have enough time before the scheduled delivery.................

    where's my darn camera to take a photo of my newly acquired 30cm togo etrusque birkin with white stitching and GH???? ugh, i won't get it till tonight, so hold tight... but to give you an idea of color, it's deeper than gold, almost like cognac. i loooooooooooove it!! and it smells of parisian parfum!
  2. Congrats! Looking forward to your pics!
  3. did you get it from Jamie? i was admiring it!! show pics and CONGRATS!!
  4. oh babyhart, i want to see what etrusque is in togo. can't wait!

    post pics as soon as you get it!
  5. Oh, I am so looking forward to your pictures and story Babyhart.
  6. I am dying to see the color as well. Congrats
  7. Congratulations! :drinkup:
  8. :beach: :whistle: :drinkup: :party: CAN'T WAIT TO SEE!
  9. I MUST see the pics!!! NOW!:hysteric:J/K :lol: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  10. promise tonight! my hubbie's got the camera during the day... can you believe, within one hour of receiving, I've started to use her!!
  11. Me wanna see....:heart:
  12. Ohhhhhhhhh pics pics pics!
  13. Congratulations! Looking forward to your pics!!
  14. :drinks: :party:CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Now, about the pics? :popcorn:
  15. :popcorn: :popcorn:
    That bag is gorgeous. I love love that color. I cannot wait to see it in action!
    Congratulations to you!!!