Another Ebay "Situation"..Help

  1. Here's a new one...I had two of the exact same item up for auction. Same buyer won both and instantly paid for one, but not the other. I emailed her asking what the situation was and that I could not ship the first item until this is all cleared up. I suspect she was hedging her bets by bidding on both and ending up winning both but only wants one. Very inconvenient for me as I have to either second chance or relist. Should I ship her at all? She is an experienced ebayer so I am a little surprised if it was a mistake on her part. Emailed her response yet. Any thoughts?
  2. What was this buyer's response?

    I'd at least ask her to help out w/ the relisting fees!
  3. She has not responded at all. Do I ship her the first item she paid for? I don't think I should...still waiting to hear from her.
  4. I would wait to hear from her.
    If she's an experienced ebayer, she probably knows that you can file a npb claim on the second item........ so perhaps she will work with you!
    Hope this helps!
  5. I would probably just send the item if one was paid in full and file for NPB when she didn't pay/respond to the second one.

    Then again I understand that you don't want to ship only one item - especially if that means potential neg feedback in retaliation for the second item it they end up NPB on the second item.

    I would contact again. That's all you can really do in the meantime.
  6. Still have no response from her. I guess I have to wait this one out and maybe just refund her and move on. I will give her until tomorrow to resond.
  7. I would request her contact info and give her a call on the phone. It's amazing what can be resolved with a phone call sometimes vs e-mail. Good luck!
  8. Ship the one she paid for. That much you have to do.

    The one she hasnt paid for yet. She has 7 days to pay. So, you just have to wait and go from there :sad:
  9. You don't HAVE to do anything yet. The buyer has 7 days to pay you, but YOU have 30 days to send it out. AND, if you decide not to sell her the 1st one, eBay will support you. As a buyer...been there done that.... I bought and paid for a bag and within 2 minutes seller refunded my money and eBay said that sellers can sell or not sell to whomever they choose at their descretion.
  10. Well, after three polite emails on my part I have still not heard back..thanks to everyone for the advice. I am thinking I will ship what she paid for and I notice a second bidder tried to win both auctions too...second chance the second item? Honestly, I just want to get these things out at this point. How many days until I can file a NPB?
  11. Hi- you have to wait 7 days to file NPB, then wait 8 days to file to get your final value fees back:sad:
    Sorry your going thru this- how long has it been since the items were won and your e-mails sent ? Maybe they have been away or not had internet access-there were some very bad rain storms were I am and many people lost power.
  12. Thanks for your response only ended on Sunday but she paid for the one item right away so she had to have computer access. I really think she just made a mistake but find it strange she does not respond. Do you think its okay if I second chance it to next bidder?
  13. I have to say I agree with this. They are 2 separate auctions and should be treated as such. The fact that they are identical is inconsequential.

    Yes, it is irratating what she did, but you do have to abide by auctions rules.
  14. I agree. I am planning on shipping her today.
  15. And no "combined shipping" for her if she asks.