another ebay question....sorry :(

  1. i know that you ladies said sellers need to be able to track their i just made my first ebay sale and i'm extremely nervous after all the horror stories i read, and i'm not sure if my package has tracking or not......all i got was delivery confirmation, where she has to sign for the package...does that qualify as tracking?

    also, i checked and it says they attempted to deliver a few days ago but she wasn't there and she hasn't picked up the package yet and if she doesn't, it'll be returned to me......what happens if the package is returned to me? i really don't want to have to pay to reship it (it was quite large and cost me alot)...... :sad:
  2. If you have delivery confirmation and signature confirmation, there is nothing to worry about! :biggrin: (and yes, it can also be called a "tracking" number even though it USPS doesn't track the package until it's delivered. LOL)

    E-mail the buyer and tell her to pick up the package, maybe she doesn't know USPS attempted a delivery. Sometimes those little delivery notices get blown away, etc. If she never picks up the package, you'll only have to refund her for the package cost and NOT shipping and handling since it's not your fault she didn't want it. You can relist and not lose any money, request Final Value Fees from ebay IF the package is returned to you...I think it's a "mutually withdraw transaction" claim. Don't worry about it yet though, I am sure everything will work out. :idea:
  3. Delivery Confirmation does not mean she has to sign for it. I believe a tracking # is issued w/ Delivery Confirmation, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to check on it via
    I don't know what happens if she doesn't pick it up and it gets shipped back to you. I do know one thing, as a Seller, I would not pay to ship it back to her!
  4. I agree that you're safe once you get the confirmation #! E-mail the buyer with the # so she track it online and have an expected date of arrival. It is also to your advantage because you can check whether the bag has been delivered and signed for.

    Congrat on your sales and it should be smooth sails from here on.
  5. thank u everybody for ur advice i feel waaaay better.....i can't contact the person because the item was sent as a gift to her from the buyer but hopefully she'll go pick it up soon and everything will be fine :shame: