Another Ebay owned company

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of It is owned by Ebay they actually seem to help those in need. The thing is that I wonder if it "really helps". The concept is for people to "invest" to help those n need all over the world get loans to start businesses. You get paid back principle & interest. Sounds like a good deed, but makes me wonder whats in it for Ebay...helping others? Sounds
  2. Never heard of it.*is sceptical* :smile:
  3. never heard of it..anyone?:confused1:
  4. I've heard of a similar program that enables regular people invest small sums of money to help those around the world establish business. I forgot the address, but it wasn't owned by eBay.

    I think it sounded like a great idea! You could invest as little as say, $20.00, and you could narrow down WHO you wanted to invest in by gender (say you wanted to donate to a strong woman), by industry, or by risk level. I'll have to find this site again. It was very well set up, and definitely NOT owned by eBay.

    ETA: FOUND the site! It's
  5. I've read about in Fortune magazine:

    "Users pledge interest-free loans. Standard-issue vharities take as
    much as 40 cents on the dollar for administrative costs, but Kiva
    directs 100% to borrowers, thanks in part to free payment
    processing from PayPal. (Kiva keeps the servers running and the 16
    employees paid by tacking on an optional donation of 10% of every

    So, that's how the ebay/paypal are connected.

    Here is some more from Fortune:

    " Kiva treats lenders the way a full-service broker services a
    big-money client, providing risk assessment upfront and a steady
    stream of post-investment information. Every borrower has an
    associated risk rating. The number of defaults sits out in the open
    (currently only 0.14% of all loans), a few clicks from photos of
    deadbeat borrowers."

    Only 0.14% ! Wow!
  6. I know! Isn't that great? These people who apply to get the loans are really sincere, business-minded people. I think I might "invest", even if it's interest free :smile: