Another EBAY find... (Soho Leather Hobo)

  1. :tup:I cannot wait for it to get here, a steal at $215, regular retail was $398.:yahoo:

  2. Very Pretty, I love the little grommets. My favotie bag is a black leather soho hobo. Mine is pretty plain though
  3. congrats! I saw those at the outlets a while back.. cute! :tup:
  4. Really cute with all the grommets. Unique.
  5. Thanks, I think I need to go on a ban, :sad:I've been a little COACH crazy lately, lol.
  6. Great bag. The color is wonderful, so neutral. The detail of the grommets gives it a little something more. Great bargin shopping!
  7. Us? Coach crazy?? Never:nogood::lol:. I love your new bag!!
  8. Yes, we're all COACH crazy, that's why we are here! Thanks, I love it too!
  9. Yes, that's what drew me in the grommets really make the bag special, I'm a bargain shopper to the 100th power. During college I worked at Bloomingdale's in the buying offices, I vowed NEVER, EVER to pay full price, I just can't, lol.
  10. I really like that style. Congrats!!
  11. Omg, you're on a roll. Lol. Good find. :biggrin:
  12. Another place to feed our addiction, lol. :nogood:
  13. LOL, I know I have to stop, I'm putting myself on a ban, save me from myself, lol.