Another Ebay Atrocity - Look what she did with her speedy!

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  1. LOL! :lol: That's, uh, creative? :blink:
  2. Poor speedy, I hope it didn't feel anything. ;o)
  3. The poor speedy! I hope it wasn't authentic!
  4. At least she's creative! :lol:
  5. okay....well......let's see.....Okay! She's got really good cutting skills!.....yea.:weird:
  6. Awwwwwwwwwwww! I'm crying for the Speedy!!!
  7. Ooh that hurts just to look at!
  8. Well, it's kinda silly but to be honest at least she is coming up with an idea to recycle.
  9. Haha! I got a nice chuckle out of the responses here, thanks ladies for not thinking I'm silly for posting this!
  10. true. and the leather cord thing is a good idea
  11. Oh I was looking at this auction before.. poor mutilated speedy !!
  12. Maybe the speedy was totally ruined or something, and this is all she thought she could do with it?

    I mean, I guess it's pretty creative, maybe Marc will pick up on this idea! :lol:
  13. HA!! I love it!!! At least it didn't go unused, some people leave the vintage to the dogs and they never use them again, instead they just sit forever in their closets stored away for ever and ever.
  14. I think it is adorable. Very creative. I would love to wear one of those flowers. Hmmm...I may just buy it. Thanks for the link Jen!