Another early Valentine!! A little chocolate!

  1. Yay my new chocolate Carly came today!!! Absolutely gorgeous of course!!! Love love love this bag. I didnt have a chocolate leather bag yet, so this definitely fits the bill. I will wait until I receive my new blue scarf to wear this, but here is a photo, and a photo of the bag w/the teal wallet I got yesterday. I just love this combination. Very sexy!!
  2. Oh no! The pics are showing up!!! I WANNA SEE!!!! :smile:
  3. Oops - duh!!
    valentine bag choc carly 002.jpg valentine bag choc carly 003.jpg
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!! I LOVE those colors together!!!! CONGRATS!:smile:
  5. love those together!! congrats!
  6. Beautiful, I especially love the color of the wallet!:woohoo:
  7. Very nice! I love both items! The teal is such a pretty color! The chocolate Carly looks so yummy!
  8. Very pretty! Love the bag and colorful wallet!! :tup: Congrats!
  9. the carly...the wallet gives a nice pop of color! Enjoy!
  10. very nice.. any modeling pics? when did you get her?
  11. donnalynn!!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!!! They are gorgeous together!!!! I LOVE the choco leather carly!!! COngrats and enjoy her!
  12. That turqouise looks HOT HOT HOT with that chocolate!!!! I can't wait to see it with the scarf! Congrats!!!!!!!
  13. Beautiful! You are on a roll! :tup: Modeling pics please! :graucho:
  14. Congrats, very pretty! Love the wallet against it!
  15. Awesome....some chocolate to go with the flowers!!!