Another e-bay rant.

  1. So on Thursday last week I received a e-mail with a question form as to why I had not been using e-bay.

    All would be ok but they suspended me a couple of months back for infringment even though my LV items I had listed were 100% and they wanted me to fax proof of address etc to them even though my paypal account was verified etc, I have not done this out of principle.

    I am now resorted to using my mums e-bay account to sell a few bits plus purchase the odd bit which is tricky as mum is in the UK and I am here in the USA, so lots of questions asked by buyers/sellers!!!

    I am so annoyed with e-bay sending this stupid e-mail and for giving us genuine sellers a hard time but most of all the fake items keep on popping up!!!!

    Grrr makes me mad.:cursing:
  2. I understand your frustration, but eBay truly doesn't know the bad sellers from the good sellers, so that's why they wanted you to fax in your info, as an attempt to weed out the "bad" from the "good." Have you tried emailing your concerns to eBay or livehelp? That may help with your situation. Good luck!
  3. Just as an FYI, if they link your info to your mom's account (like using your payment address or paypal info), they will suspend her account as well.
  4. Sad but true!
  5. I am going through the same thing ~ I would just send the info they need to get you going again. It is something they already have from the beginning of your account but want to verify. That doesn't bother me it is the suspension and how they do it that bothers me. It is just a hassle. Linda
  6. eBay have a tendency towards extreme reaction because they have to be black and white with their CS people
  7. Sadly there are so many examples on this sub-forum of excellent people receiving a tough time from Ebay. For the vast majority regrettably it is a question of swallowing hard and accepting the bitter pill that is Ebay's officiousness sometimes in order to continue. . .Do be careful about using other accounts - it would be awful to make an irritating experience even worse . . .Hang in there.