Another dirty NWT red Elisha - Disappointed

  1. I bought a NWT red Elisha from eBay last week from a very reputable seller (Ininos). I have no doubts about the authencity of the bag. Well, I just picked it up from USPS and I'm very disappointed with the bag. I bought it NWT, but is does not look new at all. It looks beaten up and dirty in many areas :sad:. It definetly looks used, a lot actually. What should I do? I don't mind buying pre owned bag, but I feel bad expecting a NWT bag and paying a NWT price. I haven't looked at the auction yet to see if I can return it.

    Help! Anyone been through a similar stituation with this seller?

  2. I've never bought from this seller but had a similar experience with something else. For me, contacting the seller and letting her know my disappointment helped. To avoid negative / neutral feedback she offered a return or half refund. I ended up taking the half refund b/c I really liked the item. I would definitly try contacting the seller. Good luck
  3. Ininos is a top notch seller on eBay. I recently purchased a red Elisha from her and it came in pristine condition. I know of several people here who shop with her and they have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. You should contact her directly and let her know you are unhappy with the condition of the bag.
  4. yes,i buy from them too and thats very unusual. i would contact her also and let her know.
  5. Oh! Sorry this happened! Hope it can be resolved and you can find a nice pretty Red Elisha!
  6. I would definitely contact Lninos straight away. She's a top notch seller and I'm sure she'll want to sort this problem out to your satisfaction. She'll definitely take care of you.
  7. Please contact her-maybe the post office or customs opened it?? I know customs does-but within the US they may not have had to open it. I would definitely ask for a partial refund-it's worth a try!
  8. Lninos is a top notch Ebayer. Take your concerns to them and they will remedy the problem.
  9. It's hard for me to imagine that Lninos would sell something in the condition you said it was. Are you confusing the blue hints in the bag for dirty areas maybe? But like the others said, write to the seller and they will take care of everything for you. I have no doubt.
  10. Yes, it certainly has a very very mild distressed look/feel that IMO adds to the gorgeousness of this bag.
  11. Was it not the same bag as the one pictured in the auction? I've never bought from this seller but based on what others have said, I'd suggest contacting them and, if that doesn't resolve it to your satisfaction, take it up with eBay.
  12. Oh yikes! I just saw this thread... Lninos is great to deal with, and one of the best Kooba sellers you'll find. I hope the distressing you're referring to is normal, as I can't imagine Lninos ever selling a used bag as new.

    I am sure you will be taken care of if you contact the seller - like the others said - they're top notch.
  13. Is it possible lninos was sent a bag that may have unknowingly been a return - similar to what happened to another member? Perhaps that explains why the bag may seem less than perfect?
  14. Thank you all for your replies.

    I returned the bag today. I tried to convince myself that it could be the nature of the leather but whenever I looked at it, the bag did not look new and it bugged me. Clearly the handles were blackish on the inner side and some of the exterior areas were darker. I was OK with the scratches as they are probably normal for this leather. Since a lot of you rave about her credibility, I'm sure that it how she must have received it from Kooba :tdown:.
  15. Although I've never bought from Lninos, he/she has a good reputation. I really hope they can find you a perfect red Elisha. I suspect that perhaps the mistake made by the seller was not to check the bag when it arrived brand new from Kooba (easy done when you receive it and sell it so quickly). Sorry this happened to you. Can they replace it? I hope so.