Another Diamond vs LV! + 1,000th!


Which would you choose?

  1. White Gold & Diamond Ring

  2. LV Small Accessory

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  1. My 1,000th post! I didn't wanna waste it on something like posting responses to other threads.. lol. I had to find a reason to post a thread! lol.

    Anyways, I know there was a thread on the whole diamond vs LV deal.. this one is mine! Anyone living in OC knows the Asian Garden Mall is the Jewelry MEGA-center... and every (Viet) person in OC has to have at least some sort family jeweler that has a store there, and yes, my family has one there. Our family jeweler provides the jewels, diamonds, golds, jade, and platinum for all our family members.

    The other day (Monday) I went out there with my cousin (they were shopping for their birthday) and I was window browsing and came upon a hot white gold and diamond ring... Price? a MERE $250!

    So obviously. the dilemma.. should I get the ring? Or should I buy some LV? LOL.. for $250 i can get so much. haha. I kinda want the ring, cuz I only have one ring right now (silver T&Co 1837 cuff ring), and I want something with a little extra bling...

    however, having a new LV would always be nice! Cept I just bought the Damier Pocket Agenda, so that should do it... shrugs.. can never have enough! What would you do?

    edit: oh i should add.. if i get LV, it would be the Damier (or Monogram) Men's 9 card billfold wallet. They retail for $250 (after the price increase. they were $245 before). + Tax. the ring is $250 even, tax included.
  2. congrats on the 1000th!!!

    buy the bling-thats an awesome price
  3. Congrats on your 1000th post!!!! I'd go for the LV. Diamonds or LV, what a nice choice though!!
  4. I would go for the ring, that is fairly cheap for white gold and diamonds, you can get squat at LV for $250.00
  5. Buy the bling!!!

    fyi.This might be moved to the jewelry thread or maybe not since its does have to do with LV also.
  6. The ring all the way!
  7. Get that bling!! Bling bling bling...
  8. I say go with the ring! Congrats on your 1000th!
  9. Definitely the ring!!! The damier checkbook is still a newborn, enjoy it and get the ring for now ;)
  10. I say small Louis.
  11. Jimmy,

    do you see the fake LV pendants made of platinum and diamonds too? It freaks me out that people would make those!! Let alone spend any sort of money on it...I always see those at the Asian Jewelry store..(sorry a little OT)

    ( I'd get the Ring)
  12. I am a diamond whore...I say go for the ring! :smile: you know I am in OC....where and what is the Asian Garden Mall? :shame:

    My long-time jeweler is in LA.
  13. go for the wallet!
  14. Omg Bjara! It's on Bolsa Ave, between Magnolia Ave & Bushard St. In the heart of Little Saigon. more info on it here:

    You should definitely check it out. Practically the ENTIRE 2nd floor taking up the back half of the building are ALL jewelry stores.. and theres more throughout the first floor too. Do beware, tons of fakes running around in carts.. It's a police/federal crackdown heaven, much like Chinatowns.. and a robber/burgler's heaven for all the diamonds/jewelry there.

    And Khoi, yes they have those too. -_-. At least it's still real white gold and white diamonds. but eh. I'm not too interested in those. My cousin picked up a white gold ring and matching earring set with white diamonds on the outside with a yellow diamond on the inside in a square cut. soooooo cute.
  15. I'd go for the bling. Something different. There's always another month for a vuitton.