Another Delivery (and will have to be my last too )

  1. Beautiful bag, such a fantastic colour! The purse is lovely too, you must be thrilled :biggrin:
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    Sorry i meant my daria satchel and med daria hobo same style that i loved one was black the other oxblood. :smile:
  3. Oh no thats terrible she must have been v upset. I think your right and its just the style of it but it doesnt make me love her any less :loveeyes:

  4. I was wondering whether I would need to spray her? I did spray my Blk Lily although thought perhaps it didnt need it and def sprayed my oak cookie

    I think I will do though as I would hate her to get marked on the leather

    Me and my neighbour have been swooning over your beautiful bags today :p I showed her both of them and now she wants the Bella and with the Tassel Greta too

    Have to admit I wouldnt mind it as well but ive spent all my pennies now so need to get saving :cool:
  5. Ahh thank you. I would definately spray. I know what you mean...time to save for the Christmas sale now :upsidedown:
  6. I would definitely spray.... I spray everything... Can only help! :biggrin:
  7. Lovely purchases - stunning colour bag - enjoy
  8. Yay!!! Congrats, pleased you love her... Don't worry about he disc hun, I totally baby my bags and the disc on my Daria was totally covered in feint scratches in to time at all. Impossible to avoid I'm afraid.

    I hope you're enjoying her x
  9. Thanks Lulu ;) Mulberry said they could replace the disc for me if I wanted but tbh I will leave it unless I get some really deep scratches on it

    She is going out today on her maiden voyage :p
  10. Congrats - love your cute Cookie purse and we are bag twins with the Daria drawstring! :ghi5: I love the ink colour of yours, it looks so gorgeous against the gold hardware! It is a really beautiful bag :heart:
  11. How much do they charge?

  12. 25.00 plus V.A.T :smile:

  13. ooo what colour Daria do you have ? I love the style of them :biggrin:
  14. Love your Daria! The colour is lush.
  15. Fabulous buys, love the cookie cutie.