Another delightful Darwin reveal...

  1. I was going through my Bayswaters to clean and protect them, when I suddenly realised I hadn't revealed this beauty! (I know, I know - yet another Bayswater!) :rolleyes:

    Can anyone guess what colour this one could be? ...
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  2. Looks like oak?!
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  3. She is partly oak! :smile::flowers: IMG_6534.JPG
  4. Looks in great condition how many bays have you got now?
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  5. Meet my beautiful Chocolate and Oak Darwin Bayswater! :hbeat:
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  6. Thank you - the leather is beautiful!:hbeat:

    I have just counted them all... I think I need help... I have 10 Bayswaters and 1 Piccadilly. :shocked: Most of my collection is preloved, apart from 2 (My Oak bays, and aqua bays.) I am very, very lucky to have have the collection I have, and I love them each in their own special way. :idea::hbeat:

    If anyone would like me to take a family pic, I will be more than happy to when I can find some time! :idea:
  7. Yes, please.

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  8. yes do the bays family pic. If you need help so do I , I own nine
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    I will wait until I have a day where the weather is nice, and I can take them out into the garden to photograph, that way I should get 'good light' for photographing.

    Phew... at least I am not the only one! Can't beat a beautiful bayswater! :hbeat::hbeat::hbeat:
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  10. I also would like to see your collection. You have pieces that I had never seen before until you posted pictures.
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  11. Ah love your bays collection. We are kindred spirits.
    Please post a family photo.
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