Another Deletion!

  1. Sadly my sought after khaki/angora Carly will be leaving my collection. After careful examination it is in great condition. But anyways since it is the medium I will not be needing her :sad: So off to Craigslist or eBay it goes!
  2. Awe :sad:
    It sounds so pretty!! I'm not sure if I've seen this one :sad:
  3. Wow I wish I had the will power to sell some of my bags. If you aren't using her then you might as well get a bag that you will use and love!
  4. Well here is a pic borrowed from eBay. It is sold out and will not be made again, as far as I know...
  5. This was another deletion...all brown!!! I have so much brown I need to cut it down :crybaby:But I'm not using them so I need to sell them to someone who loves them. It is such a waste having a bag sit there and see me use all my other bags and feel left out. lol
  6. Oh I love that Carly! That has to be hard to let her go :heart:
  7. Not really, lol for some reason I am not in love with it. I thought it would be a bright white but it is more of an off white. Oh well! Plus the medium is much too small for me.
  8. Awe, I think I am just in love w/all the carly's. :smile: I think I would need a Large though since I haul around so much junk :p
  9. Lol I totally agree. The large is great and so is the medium just not for me.
  10. sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you are not sad, so put it on eBay girl! :yes: :p
  11. xxx