Another deffective/ damaged Selma shipped

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  1. I am posting this so that others can be aware of the risk of ordering a Selma on line. This bag is from Lord and Taylor. I picked up for $214 + tax + shipping. I never got a confirmation email it was being shipped. I was charged twice on my credit card, then both fell off the activity. It reappeared and the bag was on my door step yesterday. I called customer service twice they were no help with my multiple charge issue. After the charges fell off my cc I went to Macys last week and purchased two Selmas and inspected about 6 bags before I found ones I liked all had some minor issues.

    The bag from Lord and Taylor hardware is scratched up, the tag is in bad shape stickers removed and the handles left dents on both sides of the bag. I have not even looked inside I don't care to either.

    I only took a posted a few pictures to show the damaged bag. I would not pay $1 for this bag. Shame on Lord and Taylor! I am going to my local store to return today. First and last time ordering on line with Lord and Taylor.

    On a happy note: Here are my lovely Selmas from Macys. I LOVE them! I am using the black one already.
  2. I feel your pain, I just went through this with my online order with Macy's, and it seems to be happening to a lot of us on here with startling frequency. To some, it may not be a big deal to drop a few hundred on a handbag, but to me it is, and I expect the bag to be in pristine condition.
    My advice would be to tactfully complain. I called customer service and received my replacement bag 2 days later and a code for 15% of my next purchase. I sent out 3-4 emails with pictures, explaining my disappointment with the purchase, and I now have a $30 gift card coming in the mail.
  3. I think there are 2 separate issues that it might help to convey to the retailers when you write or call:

    1. packaging of shipment coming from a store and not a distribution center. Seems people have things sent in boxes that are too small and things just sent in a shipping bag. One would think this could be addressed rather easily and painlessly by the retailers if they chose to. All they would have to do is set better standards for their SA to follow in sending stuff (and merchandise, not just bags). These seems more achievable. And it is pathetic when good merchandise gets ruined by a bad packing job!

    2. quality of merchandise. The returns and such that are not in good condition that are being pawned off on online buyers. To be honest, I don't know how much this will be addressed. It would be nice if the less than clean stuff never made it past the store, but I don't see any mid level store really caring enough to do anything. They will eat the loss on returns and having to re-ship replacement items out. Sad but true for the mid level retailers like Macy's, Belk, L&T, etc..

    I read up on this practice of shipping from stores, and Nordstrom's was the first to do it and has been doing it since 2009. So I think it's great that no one has issues with their merchandise and shows that it can be done properly. And that maybe we should shop more from Nordstrom's :biggrin:
  4. My L and T coffee Selma came in bad shape too. I think it would have been fine had they not shipped the bag in a box that was obviously too small! The box was 5.5" in depth and obviously the bag is thicker than that, especially at the bottom of the bag. I still haven't gotten through to customer service. I'm steamed. I could have gotten another bag from Macy's last week when the coupon code was working.