Another deal on Mulberry Phoebe

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  1. Their original price says $1230, that's pretty inflated, yes?

    Does this website carry authentic items?
  2. Yes, that price looks about $100 inflated to me. Still, I love that bag and $680 is a decent price.

    I'm trying to determine if items are authentic. They say they are, but I'm trying to do some research to be sure.

    Anyone---experience or knowledge of/with
  3. I've had a scout round the site...they look ok, but you can never be 100% sure...hopefully someone will know.

    The Mulberry bags they are selling all check out colour wise, not like alot of the fake sites that sell them in all shapes, colours of the rainbow and sizes.

    The only thing i'm not sure of.....the flap on the black Roxy looks very leather-like and not suede, as it should be.
  4. Whew! Good eye! I wouldn't be able to get one anyway at that price but good thing you checked!
  5. lol:lol: :lol:

    It took me 20 mins of searching, but if that saves just one person from being ripped off, then my job here is;):P

    Besides, the fact they've got a black Roxy on display with leather (not suede) straps just doesn't seem right to me....fake ones have that!:amazed:
  6. chicky -- are you there? i just saw the mulberry bag again on bluefly.
  7. I'm
    Will take a look, thx ;)
  8. That's definitely said the item is not available, now it's in stock like half an hour later..? lol:wacko: :blink:
  9. i think people put things in their shopping bag so it says unavailable but then when they release it, it pops up.
  10. That would explain it...:P ;)
  11. If someone is gonna get it (or anything off Bluefly) , I hope they know to use the 15% code.
  12. i just saw an oak bayswater on net-a-porter for the same price. were the metallic bags more at some point? or is this just bluefly price inflation?
  13. How do you get the 15% at bluefly?