another date code question

  1. Are the date codes unique to the bag? or just to the day?:smile:
  2. They go by Location Month and Year
  3. still confused...I get the whole location month and year... but are date codes exclusive to the bag or is it a range of bags produced on that day?
  4. If its a range of bags produced on that day that would mean that a hudson, noe,speedy, etc. would all have the same date code-if mfg in France.. that does not sound logical to me. Maybe that is why there are many letters for the date codes for bags produced in france ie: ar,an,ct etc.
  5. Bags with the same date code would mean that the bags were made at the same location, in the same MONTH (not day). So it would be the range of bags in a given month.

    There is more than one LV manufacturing location in France, hence the different French date codes.