Another complaint about shipping... (rant but asking for advice)

  1. Hi all-

    I realize as a seller I charge more than most for shipping. I place my bags inside a Coach gift box, then inside a bigger box with stuffing before mailing. Average ship price $15-$22 for tracked insured delivery.

    As a buyer I always want my stuff IMMEDIATELY whether from eBay or a retailer so I typically go the for the overnight/priority shipping and am willing to pay the premium.

    HOWEVER, I just bought an Elisa for $25 USPS priority shipping + paid separate insurance and I was very disappointed with the packaging. The bag was an o.k. deal ($600 from $750 retail) and it did get here in less than 48 hours after ship, but I feel the shipping charge was highway robbery since it was sent in a flat-rate box. If you haven't seen the Elisa, she is HUGE and actually had to be folded to fit in the box.

    For me it is the principal since most think I overcharge for shipping THINKING I would do what this seller did to me. I know another person in this forum had a similar "upcharge" when their package was sent parcel instead of the priority she paid for, but in this case I paid for priority and it was sent priority.

    I was actually going to buy another bag next week that I had my eye on, but not now.

    See my note below, what kind of feedback would you give? Are my expectations unreasonable? Is $16.05 a reasonable markup?

    Hi- First let me say thank you for quick ship. I was greatful to get it today so I can take it with me on Friday. That being said, I am extremely disappointed in your packaging and shipping cost relative to the $25+insurance that I paid. I had no idea that a $750 purse would be folded up/shoved to fit in a free flat-rate box that cost $8.95 to ship. In addition, the purse didn't quite fit so there was a gap on the end of the box which allowed snow to enter and so the dustbag for the item was wet because it was snowing today when the mailman delivered the package. Last, unless I am mistaken the maximum amount you can insure a package for online is $500 which means if my item was lost, it would not have been covered by the USPS for the full amount I paid. I am not seeking a partial refund as I am sure many others would demand, but my feedback will be reflective of the above statements. Please consider this when mailing out future items as I was previously considering other items.
  2. :wtf: Wow.

    Nicely worded message, strong. You were let down. It is your right to communicate that to your seller. The box had a gap! That is insane. The seller would have noticed that before shipping it off.
  3. Hi-

    Update... I already got the response. It was good, so it seems in order to get it to me fast they shoved it in the box. As disappointed as I am in the packaging, it seems there were good intentions (or at least this was the response).

    I am so sorry for the packaging. Usually I pack my bags very
    careful. I got home when 20 minutes before post office was
    closed, I didn't have the right box for it. You ask about quick
    delivery, so I put it in the box that I have. I did buy an insurance
    for your bag for $500, and I could pay the difference myself, if
    you bag was lost.
    The leather is very durable at Coach, nothing will happened with it, if you fold it. Just put some paper in it for the night and it will be the same shape. I can return the money back for the shipping cost to make it up for you. Please let me know. Again, sorry, I wanted for you to get it fast!
  4. That's a pretty nice response from the seller. She may not have handled it the right way initially, but at least her intentions were good. And it does seem that she wants to make it right with you. I would probably be gentle in my feedback, especially if she does refund shipping charges.
  5. I don't think I will ask for a refund, honestly that wasn't my main issue. Her response was nice so I will be giving a positive. I honestly did e-mail and ask if it would ship by Tuesday so it could be here before I hopped on a plane on Friday. So she/he was very nice to ship it immediately that day.

    As long as this isn't their normal practice I am okay with it.

    THanks for the reply.
  6. Its amazing how far a politely restrained criticism and a sincere explanation will go.
  7. It's nice to hear about a good resolution of an eBay issue with all the stuff you hear!
  8. Very good letter on your part and response from seller! The seller did a very good job of turning that around by responding to you so nicely. I would go ahead and ask for a refund for the extra shipping costs (it really rankles to have high shipping mark-ups) I would also leave her positive feedback since she handled it so well. Most sellers would have just fired off an angry response and the situation would have only escalated with unhappy feelings.

    On a side note - USPS is coming out with larger flat rate boxes on March the 3rd, they'll be 50% larger than the ones that are out now and will ship for $12.95. They'll also offer this same box especially marked to send to soldiers overseas (it will have a support your troops message on there) and will ship at a $2 discount, for $10.95 as long as it's going to a APO/FPO.

    PS - Good job on snagging yourself an Elisa! :smile:
  9. WOW... that sounds like a good deal on the box.

    I was happy with her response. When I told the BF she agreed and this purse was actually for her. I had to buy it since eBay is blocked at her job :smile:

    I snagged myself an Elisa that is coming tomorrow. Let's see if she looks as good :smile: