ANOTHER colur question from GF.....

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  1. I know I should know this, can you ladies list all the colours chevre is available in? I have a current chevre obsession!

    I'll start:

    vert anis
    rouge vif (discontinued)
    rouge H
    marron fonce
  2. rose shocking
  3. Turquoise
    Rouge Vermillon
  4. Vermillion
  5. Violette
  6. HOW did I forget vermillion????

    Thanks O!!
  7. Chartreuse
  8. Framboise (I know in smaller goods, but not sure in bags)
  9. is etoupe available in chevre?
  10. ^ yes, There is an Etoupe Kelly on ebay right now!
    Whatch want in chevre???? :smile:
  11. haven't seen Etoupe at all in Chevre yet--wait, didn't someone here just get an Etoupe Karo?- most bags I've seen have been in Clemence.
  12. ^^that Chevre Etoupe Kelly is stunning! drooling here...

  13. he, he...OK, since giving up the vert anis chevre to the Bolide, I now need another colour for a 28 Kelly. i am so in love with chevre (esp.mysore) that it MUST be chevre or swift, so I'm trying to narrow down what would be a nice compliment to my collection. i'd like a lighter shade since I already have the serious black box 32.......:smile:
  14. going to check out the Kelly.....
  15. I want to say I saw wallets in Rouge H and Havanne chevre at London Bond Street...

    Can anyone confirm havanne?