Another color comparison: Vert Deau vs. 04 Turquoise

  1. I went to BalNY yesterday and picked up a Vert Deau first and (also)yesterday I received my 04 Turquoise clutch from eBay. At first when I looked at them seperately, they looked VERY similar. After putting them next to each other, vert deau is definitely more green. I thought the PF ladies would like to see the difference!

    (fyi - those other vert deau owners weren't kidding...this bag is IMPOSSIBLE to get the real color on a photo!!)...taken WITH flash, comes out too green/light. taken W/OUT flash it comes out too blue/dull...keep that in mind!



  2. it is very pretty! Do you think it is a go-with-anything color, or will it be best with whites/blacks?
  3. I :heart: Vert Deau. Your bag is just beautiful. Definitely love it with the regular hardware more than the GH.:yes:
  4. Thanks for posting these pictures. Congrats on your purchase. I am really liking this color more and more.
  5. This makes me wonder how it would look side by side with Seafoam. Is Vert d'eau more a paler/ish Seafoam?
  6. Think I may have to add a Vert deau First to my wishlist
  7. Great job on the comparison!! I was thinking about the Vert D'eau, but ended up nixing it because I have the '04 Turquoise Weekender and thought that they would be too similar. I am finding, however, that many of the S/A's are referring to the Vert D'eau as the new "Seafoam" and based on pics that I've seen, it definitely has a more green undertone than the Turquoise.
  8. Wow.. the vert deau looks more similar to pistachio. Thanks for the comparison.
  9. OMG!!!! i'm fainting!
    those are great and i'm drooling over ur turq clutch :drool:
    is the vert looks like pistachio here?
  10. They are both lush but my fave is the turquoise!
  11. loganz: I'd say it can go with most neutral colors (black, white, brown, etc)

    seahorseinstripes: I've never seen pistachio in real life, so I can't say for sure...but I'd say vert deau is a bit more green than pistachio (not sure though!)

    thanks for the compliments everyone! I wasn't sure if it was a keeper or not...def love the leather though!
  12. aimky, they're a KEEPER for sure :yes:
  13. Thanks for the comparison shots as well!! Vert d'eau is so subtle yet varied!

    BTW, your vert d'eau is very pretty!
  14. The vert d'eau is beautiful. As to pistachio, in person, it is not blue at all. It's a pale green with the smallest hint of yellowness, which keeps it from being plain old pastel mint green. But it's fairly close. Both 04 turquoise, seafoam and this new color are blue-greens, turquoise having more blue, seafoam more green. The new color looks somewhere in between, and paler. And now I want it. :p Oh, no.
  15. Vert d'eau - Wow - I love it. Do you have a SA that you use at the Bal NYC store? I would love to call there to see if I could buy one. Were you on a waiting list? Did they have others? Thanks!

    Also, you should add this to the permanent thread, "Documenting Balenciaga Colors." This is great information.