Another cobbler mishap :(

  1. I just picked up my python simples from the cobbler. They don't look great at all :sad: I am so upset over this! It's not that the soles aren't the exact Louboutin red - I knew that from the start. It's the fact that the soles have added what looks like another layer to the shoe! The red rubber soles are so thick, and there is what looks like another black sole under that. Think about the black line that runs between the bottom of the shoe and the red sole, but thicker, and some areas aren't even black :push:

    I am trying to be calm and rational about this - what the f**k do I do? My mom suggested bringing them back to the cobbler and asking that they be redone. Do you think that will make a difference whatsoever? I am so disappointed because this cobbler supposedly has a great reputation, and the pair of red re-soled Louboutins that they showed me when I dropped them off on Friday looked great.

    Argh, I am so regretting taking them anywhere to be re-soled :sad: Do you think that even Arty's Shoe Service can help? I saw chicbabacool's repair job, and they look great.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :sad: I'm tempted to just say screw it and wear them. Ugh.
  2. Cristina, so sorry about your shoes.. :sad:

    Maybe you could post a pic so we can see what you mean? It might not look so bad to fresh eyes?
  3. Thanks, posh :heart:

    I don't have a camera with me, so I can't take pictures. I'm dropping them off ASAP tomorrow again at the cobbler to see if they can be fixed. Imagine the shoes with a slightly thicker black and then red layer on the sole, and you get the idea.

    I'm also pissed because Saks recommended this cobbler, as he does all of their repairs and deals with high end shoes on a daily basis.

    Sigh :rolleyes:
  4. Oh no...sorry about the shoes...

    I agree with poshchick, if you post a pic, maybe we can see they're not so bad?
  5. Cristina, I just read my post back, sorry I didnt mean to make it out like you were overreacting or anything. But maybe when you get soles on they DO look different to usual and if this is the first time (not sure) then it might look odd? But if your mum says its bad I would trust her :smile:
  6. Christina,

    What thickness were the soles supplied to you? The ones I have supplied to a few forum members are 1.8mm but I know some people supply up to 3.0mm thickness, which is too much.

    The only layer visible below the rubber sole should be the original leather sole, which is an integral part of the shoe and can never be removed.

    These photos show how my wife's shoes were re-soled and I am quite happy with the result. If the sole for these had been any thinner there would not be much point in putting them on.
    Red Soles 5.JPG Repair 5.JPG Repair Side 2.JPG
  7. I recommend you dont get the cobbler to re-do them but rather send them to a cobbler with extensive CL experience such as Artys. If you do send them there he will work magic to fix what you have going on now.

    I am really sorry this happened to you but really all us ladies should be extra careful with our choice of cobbler and stick to the ones who have either worked with CLs before or can show you first hand what the final look will be on your sole prior to doing the job.
  8. OMG Cristina! I'm so sorry for you!!! Hugs to you!!! They should be able to make it right for you. Please keep us updated.
  9. Oh, poshchick, not at all! I did not get that feeling from your post in the slightest. Thank you for replying :heart:

    Brian, I would say that the soles my cobbler put on are a tad thicker than the ones shown in your photos. More than 1.8mm, but I would think that they are less than 3.0mm. I have never had shoes re-soled before. Maybe it's the difference in color that is throwing me off? Do you think that the cobbler can make the soles thinner, to match the 1.8mm thickness, maybe?
  10. Also, Brian, do you have photos of other Louboutins your wife has had re-soled?
  11. A photo will help a lot, but from your description it sounds a little like the cobbler has put on black soles initially, then realised they should have been the red version. So, instead of removing the first soles, he has just laid the red over the top of them. It's hard to believe he could do such a thing but that would match your description and explain the thickness.

    Soles are only glued on, so they can be peeled back off again and the correct ones re-applied. Hope this helps.
  12. Christina,

    The applied soles cannot be thinned down but any competent cobbler can remove them, as they are only glued. He can then re-apply the correct thickness.

    I think 1.8mm is the correct thickness to get. Any any thinner and they would wear too quickly. Any thicker and they would look too heavy on designer shoes. My local cobbler has also recommended this thickness.

    Sorry, but I have only sent one of my wife's shoes off for repair at this time. I just wanted to check he would do a good job first. A few members are going to post the new soles I supplied, once they have been fitted.

    Don't despair, I'm sure it can be sorted out :flowers:
  13. Thank you :smile: We'll see what happens.

    Ledaatomica - About how long does it take for the service from Arty's? How do they ship the shoes back to you, charge you, keep track of your order, etc?
  14. Good luck Cristina. I am so sorry your shoes were not handled the way you wanted. I hope the cobbler fixes them and it is just a matter of peeling of the black sole off and putting on a red sole.
  15. Thank you, ronsdiva :heart:

    In fact, I think when I take the shoes back to the cobbler tomorrow, I will have him take the thick red soles off and put on a set of thin 1.8mm black soles, or something to that effect. I will let them know that I'm not satisfied with the look of the shoes. At this point, I don't even care if the soles are red - I just want them to look normal again :rolleyes: I think putting on a pair of thinner soles will solve the problem. I will also request that this be handled by the main cobbler/owner of the shop, rather than someone else.

    I'm feeling better already :crybaby: Maybe it's because I ordered the leopard print Rolandos on sale. I will not be doing anything to those shoes!