Another Coachy Question~!

  1. So i was examaning my purse for fun, and i came across something...

    i bought this purse from an outlet in Barstow, cali...

    i thought i KNEW it was real.

    i've read that they aren't made in China, and my RIPPED because it was at an outlet tag on the inside of my purse says made in CHINA!

    i'm kinda tweekin here guys, help me out!

    :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  2. just kidding im an idiot :smile: my pursie and i are fine.
  3. All of my Coach bags, including Legacy all purchased at the Boutique and Macy's and Nordstroms are all made in China.
  4. Just as an aside...VB, you should stick with the color you used in the first post when you type your shows up much more clearly and is really pretty! :smile:
  5. :smile: okay will do :smile:

    my monitor is EXTREMELY dark and messed up so thanks for lettin me know!