Another Coach unexpected RAOK

  1. OK. So I was having a momentously crappy day. DS#2's daycare called at lunchtime to let me know he had some sort of rash on his belly and back and legs. It wasn't there this morning as far I know. So I go to tell my office manager that they want me to come pick him up. She says that I have to go and get him and come back to work. :wtf: I wanted to take him to a doctor. "well you work for one." :push: He's not a pediatrician (I won't saw what kind but not my first choice to take a kid with a rash). Fine. I can't lose this job until I find another one back home (another crappy thing- I haven't heard anything back from my interview yet and now I am really starting to worry :sad:). Finally the day is over (and DS#2's rash looks like it's fading but I'll have to see in the morning what it looks like). I cry and cry on the way home because I really don't know how I am going to get through all of this. The little bit I talked to DH on the way to pick up DS#1 from afterschool program made me worry even more because he's hurting a lot. I get home and in the mail is a card from...

    Wander! Thank you SO much. You don't even know how much this made my day. You are so sweet. There was a nice card and as Wander put it, "a little bit of retail therapy": a pink flower cell lanyard. I cannot believe how you and Voodoo and so many other people have reached out to me and we've never even met IRL. THANK YOU! :flowers::crybaby:
    card.jpg charm.jpg
  2. I am really sorry you are going through all this I feel for you.. It was really hard with my mom having breast cancer ans struggling for 7 years.. I know how you feel.. Everything will work out for you it always does.. again if you need anyone to talk to I am here for you.. I know you don't know me but I am a good friend to give advice to people!
  3. Wow that is so nice ! Sorry you are having such a bad time. Things will get better. I hope your son's rash is better, were they able to make a dx ? Maybe a viral thing ? What a cute cell phone charm !
  4. That was so sweet of her...WTG Wander! for brighting up a TPF'ers day. Tanukiki I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you...hopefully it was nothing more than a little rash w/ your son. :flowers: Oh...the cell phone charm is cute too!!!
  5. Hey guys, what does RAOK stand for? I looked and looked and can't find it...

    Now, as soon as you tell me, I'm gonna feel stupid that I couldn't figure it out.
  6. Random Act Of Kindness.
  7. Hey tanukiki, didn't you say your son had a fever a few days ago too? And now the rash? It sounds like Roseola....not like I am a dr or anything, but I have been around the block with my little!
  8. Yeah, just like I predicted. Stupid (me, stupid, that is).

    I hope your day is getting better, T.
  9. Girl, you are just having a rough time of it lately. I hope that things starting going on the up and up for you and the rest of your family soon. ((Hugs))
  10. Well my doc didn't exactly seem like he knew. He thinks it's viral. Both boys have had the chicken pox vaccine but apparently it's still possible for them to get a mild case of it. I hope it's not that. If it isn't going away by tomorrow, then he's going back to work with me and my doc is going to call one of our referring pediatricians to see about getting him in. Thankfully I only have one patient tomorrow morning and three in the afternoon. DS#2 will be camped out in my office playing Gameboy and coloring again I guess... Oh and yea, office manager has no kids and her idea of entertaining him was to give him a McD's Happy Meal toy...
  11. AWW!!! I so sorry you are having a rough time! It will pass!! ((((HUGS)))) I hope your DS gets better soon! Hopefully the rash will be gone by tomorrow.

    I love that little flower! it's adorable and your favorite color!!!
  12. Hmmm... just read up on that and it could be. The only thing is his fever broke on Mon and the spots didn't develop until this morning. The online stuff made it sound like the spots would show up really soon after the fever broke. So I guess I'll see tomorrow and take him to a pedi
  13. So sorry to hear about your little guy! Have you ever heard of "fifth disease"? It presents with a rash and some other symptoms like, I think, low grade fever. I know it isn't anything serious, just one of the many childhood diseases. I don't know too much about it, but it might be worth mentioning this to your pediatrician.
  14. When I was having some issues with dizziness years ago, I had blood tested and it showed that I had been exposed to this. I'll have to look it up again. Thanks.
  15. That's so sweet!!! And the lanyard is super cute!! Keep your chin up, girl. Things will come together for you soon, I'm sure of it!!! Hope your boy gets better!