ANOTHER Coach Sunshine/RAOK gift!!! I am speechless!

  1. There was a box in the mail again today. This one from Superstar. It had a beautiful card, can of Almonds (o so good and good for you in moderation :yes:), Hershey's Kisses with Almonds (can point these out on WW and the bag will last a LONG time), a beautiful MOM frame, a pretty pink magnetic note pad, a pair of very pretty red glass heart candle holders with votive candles, and two pairs of SOFT comfy socks.

    Words cannot describe how you all are making me feel. I have never felt like a part of a group before even IRL.

    And there was a notice that I have a package in the office (Superstar's was left in the larger lock boxes we have so I was able to get it today) so if someone else has sent something, I'll have it tomorrow.

    Talked to DH a little today and his voice sounds better but he still feels pretty lousy unless he's on his meds. He's missing us like we're missing him. He says thanks for the good wishes and prayers.
    wrapped.jpg unwrapped.jpg
  2. Congrats, how sweet of Superstar!! Hope your DH gets better very soon. Enjoy :heart:
  3. Yay!!!!!!! I'm glad to hear DH is doing a little better!!! When do you think he's going to get to come home?
  4. His follow-up appt is the 14th and he's booked a ticket to come back on the 16th! That's two weeks from today! I cannot wait!!!! He's going to be a little hampered as he's not allowed to pick up anything over 10 pounds for 3-4 months but we'll deal with it until he gets all better.
  5. Those pink socks are going on tonight :yes: Thanks again superstar! You guys are the best :yes:
  6. That is so wonderful!!!! I am so happy that your hubby is dong better and will be coming home soon!
  7. Yay! Hopefully these two weeks will fly by!
  8. If we can just avoid more illness (which may be a futile effort in winter when there is daycare involved), I think it'll go okay...*fingers crossed*
  9. What a great gift! Those socks look so warm and cozy! Glad to hear your DH is doing well!
  10. That was very sweet of superstar!!
  11. Your welcome! Best wishes to you and your family.
  12. I'm so glad to hear your dh is doing better. The road to recovery is not an easy one. It's really sweet that you have RAOK buddies!!
  13. Glad to hear that DH is doing better! Congrats on the sweet goodies!
  14. I am happy that your DH is feeling better. I know 2 weeks is a long time being apart from him but the 16th will come by before you know it!:smile:
  15. I am so hapy for you...I hope he keeps getting better :smile: