Another Coach shoe question......????

  1. I am sorry to ask this question again as I have seen it posted here on TPF several times. I have been hoping the search feature would resume soon so I could find old threads....but, it hasn't and I can't find them:sad:

    Do you find Coach shoes in general comfortable? Especially the flats....I really would like to buy a pair and I wonder how they hold up shape wise? How is the overall quality? I saw a picture in one of the post of Candace wearing those adorable khaki flats and I fell in love with them. Thanks in advance for having to answer this question yet another time.

    Also if you come across one of the old threads that would be great.
  2. Yes. I am a bargain shopper for sure. I bought my first Coach bag this past November and 2 more at my local boutique with the PCE. I don't think I will pay full price ever. I can always wait. But that's just me. I would be very unhappy if I paid full price then saw it at my local outlet a short time later:sad:
  3. They are comfortable, true to size (most of them, just ask us about the styles and we can help) and last forever!!! They are made to the same standard as their bags. I hope that helps...
    the shoes you saw on me are the Josie flats, you can find them on eBay right now I believe.
  4. I do find Coach shoes comfortable. All of sneakers are as well as my Jilly flats. The whole pair I did NOT find comfy were the Josie flats, but I believe I'm in the minority b/c I think everyone else loves them!:p

    I find that for the most part they run true to size. I have, however, noticed that in Barrett & Katelyn sneakers I wear a 9 (my standard shoe size), in the Jillys I wear a 9, my Mackenzie snowboots are 9s, but the Alana stripe flat from 2006 as well as the Ladie striped flat from this year, I needed 8s in.:confused1: I also wear an 8 in Dawnell sneakers, but 9s in just about any wedge heel.

    Hope this helps! There doesn't really seem to be a rhyme or reason to why they vary on me; if anything you'd think I'd wear all the same size in heels & all the same size in flats! :shrugs:
  5. Candice ...TY so much...I am stalking eBay for those Josie flats:yes:

    Jenniferelaine...That is great info. I had my eye on the Ladie black flats with the embossed C's.....I am wondering now if I should go down a size. I can range anywhere from a 8.5 to 9. I usually go with 9 because I would rather not have them fit too tight. I think maybe a 9 might be too big.

    TY for giving me food for thought!!!!!! It is VERY appreciated!!!!
  6. In the leather ladie flats ( i have two pair of Ladies) I went down .5 size...I normally wear 8.5 and in those styles I have an 8. The ones with the rubber on the soles like Josie or Jenilee, like sneakers and are more true to size.
  7. I have a few pairs of coach shoes and they are amazing! The are very comfortable and the sizes are always perfect for me. They also last along time:smile:
  8. Oh Thank you for that Candice.......I was just about to bid on a size 9 and held you confirmed it for me..I am going for and 8.5 instead on the Ladie:yes:

  9. Thanks Cocogirl......I am excited about getting a pair or two Coach flats and I am hoping like you said that they last for a long time!!!!!
  10. I love wearing Coach shoes and sandals as they're very comfortable to wear and manufactured with great quality and craftmanship. In the Coach flats and Issy wedges, I needed to go down 1/2 size. I usually wear a size 7.5M in Coach sandals but in the flats and Issy wedges, a size 7.5M was too big for me; size 7M was a perfect fit instead. In the Katelyn sneakers, I decided to opt for a size 7.5M in case I wore thicker socks. However, I probably would have been fine ordering the sneakers in a size 7M though.