Another Coach manager newbie

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  1. Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. I am also a manager at Coach. I actually work with Coachmanager22. When we heard about this forum we had to check out and haven't been able to stop since we started. I've only been with the company for 7 months but it's been GREAT so far. Feel free to ask us any questions we'll try to answer them if we can.
  2. welcome! i know how it feels to come in pairs, my fabulous gay roommate is also a part of this forum. glad to have you both! wee!
  3. Yeah so glad to see you on here Kim!! Welcome
  4. Nice Dan!
  5. Welcome. Now remember, this board is a TOTAL addiction and the people here are an enabling bunch!
  6. here here!
  7. haha trust us were just as addicted as you guys are...especially Kim she buys stuff all the time!!!
  8. It's okay I have a TOTAL addiction. That's part of the reason why I work there.
  9. Welcome to the boards. :smile: I loved getting to work at the outlet. I was crushed that I had to leave when I moved. Getting to be around all of those gorgeous Coach items was not so good for the bank account, but it was excellent for the soul. *L*
  10. welcome!!!
  11. Welcome!!! you can see we all LOVE Coach. Our eyes are so much bigger than most of our pocketbooks, ahem wallets. Thanks to you for your excellent customer service and knowing us by name and what we like and alerting us to events!!!!! Lynn
  12. Welcome! It's always great to add another Coach lover to the mix!
  13. Welcome to you too!!!!!
  14. Welcome!!
  15. Welcome, I know your gonna love it here!