Another Coach Inventory Problem

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  1. I am wondering if Coach will ever get their s*it together when it comes to their inventory. I was told they had like 60 some tea rose Friday when I ordered this, yesterday my SA told me she looked in the system and they had 47. Now they are telling me it's totally out of stock and on backorder. My order hasn't shipped yet and might next Monday.
  2. Was it your SA who said it's on backorder? I was very confused when calling JAX every time; they'd say it's not available to purchase until July 21, or maybe sooner-and we all know that people are buying these bags already!
  3. To add to your confusion, on Saturday my SA said there's 33 left of the tea rose-so no idea how the numbers can fluctuate like that.
  4. I'm probably going to get the saddle tea rose instead, and wait to see the all-black 36. With resort 2017 already out in pictures, I'll want to save my pennies for the colorblock Rogues :graucho:
  5. Don't freak out yet. I'm almost positive that the Floral Python Rogues haven't been shipped to stores yet.

    What could have happened was: There were 47 in the warehouse yesterday, but they shipped them out to stores. The stores haven't received them yet. When the bags are in transit, then the warehouse and the stores would each show 0 in stock. Then when stores receive them, the inventory appears again.

    This could explain the issue of the disappearing Rogues?
  6. She did mention that could have been what happened. What I don't understand is why didn't mine ship before they sent them to the stores when they had 60 plus. So irritating. The other girl on the phone told me 27 of the Saddle Color block were left and when the manager got on the phone she said, no we only have 10. The others could have been shipped out to stores. I ordered the saddle today so I can hopefully end up with one or the other. Their inventory fluctuates all over the place and the info. you get from hour to hour is drastically different.
  7. Inventory can and will change from hour to hour. Depends on how often every facility having inventory transmits/receives information. I used to work at a place, not Coach, that trasmitted/received only once an hour every hour unless you forced a sooner transmission manually.
  8. #8 Jun 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2016
    I ordered mine online early Saturday morning. It still says pending. My credit card is still in pending mode too. I hope my order won't end up cancelled.

    If the payment would go ahead and clear, I would feel a lot better.

    EDIT...was just shipped, going to pick up at UPS. Not going to chance it being left at my front door.
  9. Now I don't understand that at all. I ordered mine on Friday, how would yours ship first. This makes no sense.
  10. Remember the Peanuts fiasco? When your order was placed apparently has nothing to do with when it'll be shipped out. Don't really understand how Coach runs as a company sometimes!
  11. I ordered mine yesterday evening when stock was at 18 through my SA. She gave me free overnight shipping and it has already shipped.
  12. Yup, sometimes the shipping you choose can have a influence on when the bag leaves the warehouse. Can't wait to see how you like it!
  13. I sure do remember that chaos. They told me they ship upon when the order is received which is obviously not true.
  14. I don't think I've been this excited for a bag to arrive ever! I had put myself somewhat on a ban after buying a lot when the 30% off worked on all 1941. But I got some great news in my life deserving of getting a new bag to help celebrate.
  15. I also ordered mine on Saturday and it shipped today.