Another clutch question

  1. Hey everyone!!!

    I had asked a little while ago about your opinions on a clutch but none of them really appeal to me. I saw on the other day Tiffani Thiessan had a cute clutch, but i think its a makeup bag...lemme know what you guys think, do you think that makeup bag can be pulled off as a clutch??

    Thanks again guys, yall are always helpful!:heart:

  2. It's a make up bag... but I think it can be pulled off as a clutch.

    I'm taking the other thread that you created was a double post, so I'll go ahead and leave this one open and close/delete the other. ;)
  3. I think there's a pic of Sarah Jessica Parker carrying a makeup bag as a clutch too - and it looks adorable. I'll see if I can find it.
  4. Peach-That would be awesome (that SJP picture). Thanks a lot.

    John- thanks for the deletion of the double new here in case you cant tell haha!
  5. I think that make up bag is cute as a clutch! maybe you can look into the pouchette too? I don't think it is that much more than that makeup bag and then that way you can have a strap if you need it?
  6. Sure, I think that you can use a makeup bag as a clutch -- if you like it, go for it.
  7. I think you can definitely pull off a makeup bag as a clutch. I think a lot go girls do that.
  8. I love how the makeup bag looks as a clutch. And it serves two purposes!
  9. Never thought about that, but I def. think it would look cute!