Another cleaning question

  1. So looking through the LV thread (I'm never in this neck of the woods) there has been some discussion with regard to cleaning the vachetta handles on LVs.

    I'm interested in using Mr.Clean Magic Eraser but I have two questions:

    1. Can it be used for not-so-dirty handles? (Mine are just starting to show some dirt...definitely not in need of deep cleaning of handles).

    2. How is it used? Just add water and go?
  2. I, personally, wouldn't use ME on newer, lightly dirty vachetta. It is very drying. Use a leather conditioner such as Apple or LeatherCPR for light dirt. Leave the ME as a last resort for old, very dirty vachetta. JMHO
  3. will leather conditioner atually clean the leather though?
  4. Yes, it will gently clean it.
  5. ok, great. i want to clean my monogram papillon handles, but my question is...these handles obviously arent the rolled leather like the speedies.

    Mine almost has a slightly sueded feeling on the "sides" of the handles from wear. The leather itself is still smooth, but just along the length of the sides has a softer nubuck feel.

    Can i still use the conditioner? On the leathercare website it states that the conditioner shouldnt be used on nubuck leather.
  6. I think the best thing is prevention. I never ever never pick my speedy up by the handles. its on my wrists or if I pick it up, I do it my the canvas part, never the handles. I think they get that dirty look from the oils in our hands. The first LV I had was the accessory pouch and the strap on that is muddy looking. So then I got the Blois bag, which is my favorite...and its a shoulder bag and the straps are a beautiful rich butterscotch color. and its even and not dirty. The BH is we speak, sitting on a chair by a picture window...for the past two weeks because of the rain we have here and I wont wear it...and its getting a very nice patina. Keep the hands off the handles as much as possible in the beginning until the patina gets dark. :biggrin:

    cant wait to get the damier speedy so I wont have to baby it.
  7. I'd want to avoid using anything to clean the handles as much as I can. Not that I want to have dirty handles but put the cleaning part off as I don't want to have to do it so often.
  8. There are a couple of threads about leather tips. Run through the search. There must be someone who knows what to do! Good luck ...LV and me..hehehe
  9. I have been very anxious to clean my dirt as well, but my SA at LV insists NOT to clean the handles for about 2 years until the patina is really set. And recommends only saddle soap.
  10. Good question, I am not sure. I do know what you mean about the sides though, that happened to mine as well...just try to avoid the sides as much as possible.