Another CL Q

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  1. Okay, I need a black pump for evenings and I saw the Architek's with the red on the outer heel and on the peep toe-gorgeous.

    Who has these? How do they fit? Are they basic enough to wear dressed up for an evening event? (I'm not referring to black tie, but a cocktail event, for e.g)
    Or too much red? In other words since I need an evening black shoe am I limiting myself with this style?

    Or should I just get the Mini Bout in black? Are those TTS? How do they feel on?
    You barely see your toe in those, right? I ask because I like more of a peep toe for evenings.

  2. I have he black/red architeks and they would be perfect for a cocktail party. The red is on the toe tip and the heel (and of course the sole) so I would carry a red clutch or have a red statement necklace.

    I tried the mini bout because I loved how they looked and they were not comfortable for me. Some people have been able to wear them and they are nice as they are a peeptoe pump and the peeptoe is more subtle.
  3. A bunch of us are on the waitlist for the VP Black Patent with red burgundy tip. I think someone posted the link for BG.
  4. ronsdiva- the architeks are beautiful! are they TTS? are they uncomfortable?
  5. I was also thinking of getting the Mini Bouts since they show less 'toe' compared to the VP's..

    Any ladies have them? Care to give us feedback...
  6. the VP blank patent with the red tips are gorgeous but i was thinking of the architek's with the red tip and the red heel on the outer part.
  7. I don't have the Architeks, but I've certainly considered getting them. I went to try them on at Saks and they were sold out, so that saved myself some money. But I still love them. Can't give you any advice on sizing, but they are a beautiful shoe and I think you could wear them for day or night.
  8. It sounded to me like you were doubting the "too much" red on the Architek, so I thought that you'd still get the red/black combo with the VP. You also inquired about the MiniBout with the red tip. Since you said you liked more of a peep toe, I thought another option to throw in there is the VP.

    Anyhoo, the sizing on the Architek is TTS or you can even go 1/2 size down, depending on how long your toes are. The leather is very soft and IMO it will stretch a lot.
  9. I have the Architeks and the Mini Bouts. The Archeteks are very TTS, and as wantmore said, they are made of very soft leather and will likely stretch. I haven't worn mine out of the house yet, as it's still cold here. I think they're perfect for a cocktail event, but yes, there is quite a bit of red.

    The Mini-bout has just a touch of red at the toe, and I find them really comfy. I went up half a size in these. The toe box is very short, so apparently they don't fit everyone--those with longer toes find them short.

    I love them both! :love:
  10. Oh I'm so glad to hear from someone that the Mini Bouts are comfy.. Although I do have long toes.. ill keep that in mind, thanks snow!
  11. wantmore- ty for giving me another option- what a dense! i'll just blame it on the wine i had during dinner. lol

    snowhite- i really don't have a TTS when it comes to CL's. so when you say TTS do you mean your average/american size?
  12. Yes--I wear a 7 normally, and in CL I usually wear a 37.5 or 38. The Architeks I have are size 37. It's the only CL style I have that's in my "normal" size.
  13. ty SW! my lady gres are the only TTS CL's i own...for now. what do you wear your architeks with?
  14. I have the Minibouts and they are very comfortable and easy. Just wore them to an Alice Smith concert where I was on my feet for hours and they were painless.