Another CITES question

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  1. Hi Ladies.
    I have read all the threads about CITES permits on exotics, but still have a question.
    I live in the US and am looking into possibly purchasing a lizard H bag from a reseller in Japan for personal use. There is no CITES certificate. Is it illegal to have this bag shipped without the CITES? Obviously I can't buy the bag if this is the case.

  2. It is not illegal as such but you do run the risk of having the bag confiscated without the proper documentation. You can apply for a CITES for the bag but the reseller would need to do it for you and it's a rather a convoluted process. HTH
  3. Thanks Handybags. Yes... I read in another thread of the risk of confiscation with customs. That is a chance I would rather not take. I am one of those "do it the right way or don't do it at all" kind of people. Guess I will pass.
  4. Yes it is a big risk. I hope you find your lizard somewhere closer to home :smile: