Another Cinnamon! I LOVE it! Pics!!

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  1. Because you can never have too many pictures . . . here is my cinnamon. It is the perfect shade of dark brown IMO.


  2. Look at that leather! Its gorgeous! I think I want to get the Day in Cinnamon. My NM hasnt gotten ANY new bags in yet, and I refuse to buy from Balny anymore.

    Your bag is gorgeous!
  3. oh my, i cant believe how amazing that leather looks!
  4. Gorgeous!! Have you taken your bag outside to see how it looks in the sun? Be sure to check it out--you will be amazed. Congrats!
  5. gorgeous!!!

    is it pure dark brown... is there any redness/maroon in it at all???
  6. The leather IS gorgeous. Congrats!!
  7. Congrats, it's a beauty! Does the ticket say red bordeaux? Where did you get it from? TIA.
  8. :tup: CONGRATS!!! So pretty~
  9. What a beautiful,smooth, rich, color... great pick! :girlsigh:
  10. [​IMG]
    :nuts::nuts::nuts: AWESOME!!! I can see red in yours - :yahoo:!!
    That is a scrumptious beautiful color!!!! I am soooo happy I ordered cinnamon! The leather is yummy - can you take some more pics - maybe outside too? Please? My day is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I can't wait! Picking up my cinnamon coin purse on my lunch hour, so with your pics, and my coin purse, I might make until tomorrow!!! Congrats on a beautiful bag!!!
  11. Oh, just beautiful!! That leather looks so thick and rich!! Enjoy!!
  12. :girlsigh:Gorgeous Leather !!!
    Congrats !!!!
  13. the color and leather look great!
  14. That's a really lovely brown! I adore the red undertones it has. Beautiful bag!
  15. Love It! Love It! Love It!