Another chloe paddington question!

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  1. I had a sudden panic than when I can actually afford a chloe paddy, that I won't be able to get it anywhere!

    Where would I be able to get one in say 6 months time or longer?
  2. Probably all the same places you can get one now. I strongly feel that in 6 months there'll still be plenty of them around. :biggrin:
  3. phew.... hope i will still want it then too!!
  4. where do u shop for ur bags, english_girl?
  5. Well, I guess Harvey Nichols (I live in Leeds), since its right on the doorstep, but I haven't actually bought anything form there yet. :shame: That's where I'll be getting my balenciaga in a few weeks though, once I have the money.
  6. cool, is it ur first designer bag?
  7. No, I just ordered a LV Speedy 30 which should be here (fairly) soon. But they will be the only desinger bags I purchase for at least the next 10 years, lol! :lol:
  8. I don't have any!! Ahh it must feel so good ordering a bag you've wanted for ages!!

    Lets see it when it arrive :smile:
  9. Absolutely! :biggrin:
  10. I think that the Paddy will still be around. You seem pretty resourceful (and you've got lots of friends here to offer help and advice). Good luck!
  11. Aww I hope so!! :love:
  12. Good question though...when it's a must have it's a MUST HAVE lol:love:

    I don't think i'll be able to afford one for a little while either...maybe we'll end up getting one at the same time:biggrin:
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